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Independence LED Lighting (US LED manufacturer):

We are pleased that the Trump Administration sees the value in supporting American manufacturers and creating more jobs for Americans.

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Sub-Title: How Observation Inspires Innovation


The GREENandSAVE editorial team received the Fall Newsletter from the U.S. manufacturer, Independence LED Lighting, which included references to supporting infrastructure and veterans. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to create programs that will improve and support infrastructure and veterans, so we wanted to research the levels of commitment at both the public sector level as well as at the private company level.


In his victory speech, very early in the morning on Wednesday November 9th, president elect Donald Trump made several key points that offer a bright spot for U.S. clean technology manufacturers. Trump said, “Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream. I’ve spent my entire life and business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. That is now what I want to do for our country.”


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