Your House is an Eco-System

What is an ENERGY AUDIT and Home Efficiency Checkup?

Energy Audits and Home Efficiency Checkups are one of the most cost-effective ways to save money on your utility bills and also create a healthier home environment. A trained professional comes to survey the current energy use of your home, find potential areas for savings, and also make recommendations on ways to increase the overall health of your house. Energy Auditors use state of the art equipment to diagnose problems that may exist. Following their in-home 2-3 hour survey, they provide you with a detailed report highlighting any trouble spots and savings opportunities that they may have discovered. A “Home Efficiency Checkup" is similar to an Energy Audit, but it is typically less expensive and more about consulting homeowners on ways to save vs. measuring all of the exact energy loss factors. In the report for both services you will find recommendations for the repairs or improvements that will make the biggest difference where it matters most, your monthly utility bills.

Why Now? Over 40% of a home's utility costs come from heating and air conditioning. The findings from your Energy Audit or Home Efficiency Checkup will show you how to improve the energy efficiency of your house, as well as save on other utilities like water.

More than Money! According to the EPA, for many households, air quality is worse indoors than outdoors, mostly due to toxins used in construction, carpeting and even furniture. A Home Efficiency Checkup can help you improve the air quality in your home and identify harmful chemicals that could create long-term problems for your family’s health. The 'efficiency' comes in better management of the air and water systems. Since an 'eco-system' consists of plants and animals functioning together with non-living factors, think of your home as an integrated system with a few plants, perhaps a pet, plus water and climate controls. Connect with a home efficiency specialist to learn more about healthy home systems and SAVING Money each month.