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If you have worked hard to develop innovations in products or if you offer services that are backed by experience with competitive pricing, and you want to share what you provide with homeowners that care about Return On Investment…then you may benefit from promoting your business on GREENandSAVE.

Email us to find out more about the rates, and if you would also like to be eligible for inclusion in the ‘Savings Alerts’ to our members, please include three key elements that we will review and potentially also share with our National Homeowner and Green Builder Review Board.

  • A Brief description of how your products or services help Save people Money and the Planet.
    Note: if a Return On Investment calculation is relevant in your category, you may also provide it for review, so that we can determine appropriate ranking.
  • A Special Offer, Introductory Discount, or Incentive for GREENandSAVE customers.
  • A Link to your site and the specific page(s) that you feel best introduce your current offering(s).

Thank you for understanding that the value of our online resource comes from the rigorous ongoing research, relevancy of the content, and quality of the companies that represent themselves to our visitors.


Charlie Szoradi
GREENandSAVE Founder

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