Grow your Business with the 'GREEN EDGE'

Businesses need help now more than ever to attract the right type of clients. Americans want to save MONEY in these tough economic times, and saving ENERGY is one of the best ways to reduce costs and also help save the environment. So, the 'GREEN EDGE' can provide a key competitive advantage for service providers. Over the past two years, Contractors and Installers, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate Agents have taken advantage of our resources, directories and certifications to differentiate themselves and grow their businesses.

See where you fit and how we can work together. GREENandSAVE is well positioned to help you, since we are one of only a few US companies that is a 'Green' trusted feed NEWS partner for major search engines and regional web resources. With over 40,000 pages of content and outstanding industry relationships, we can help you grow your business. In addition to the opportunities outlined below, we welcome contributing writers from inside specialty businesses to share their insights, and then we can link back to your website as well. Simply, saving money and the planet is a team sport. Naturally, also feel free to let us know about any specific requests.


In today's rapidly growing eco-economy it is increasingly difficult to get your message heard, but GREENandSAVE is there to help. Our Green Agility Marketing Group works with businesses and organizations to share their "green" news and achievements. Our team reviews all submissions, and then we contact those businesses and organizations that have met the core news content requirements. The group then promotes your news across the web so that you gain exposure - you simply pay only on the results with a nominal charge to cover the administrative time. Qualified NEWS is not just self promotion but relevant industry information like:

Additions to an existing product or service line

Product testing results or breakthroughs such as US patent approval

Availability of new products for purchase by businesses or home owners

Mergers and strategic partnerships among businesses

Hires of professionals that have a relevant background

Certifications that a company or a staff member may have recently received

Speaking engagements or white papers that impact the sector of the industry

Case studies that prove out claims and inspire other prospective clients to act

Submit your news and let us show you for FREE what we can do to get exposure on the first article. For more information on this performance PR program or to submit your news please email

Contractors and Installers

If you provide services to homeowners as a General Contractor or as an Installer of HVAC, Insulation, Air Sealing, Windows, or other Energy Saving services, then you need to walk the talk when it comes to saving money. Energy Efficiency is top of mind for Americans. So, getting Certified as an 'Energy Efficiency Contractor' is the launchpad that will help you lift your business and secure your role in the new Eco-Economy.

YOU Just...

Select the right person in your company to go through Certification; Choose the Live or Online Training (8 hours in one day or at your pace); Promote your 'Energy Efficiency Contractor' Certification as you see fit; Review the leads that come in through the marketing material & our leads.

WE give YOU:

The Training and Certification (multiple choice test);Access to the Reporting Software that shows clients their energy savings; Customizable support marketing materials and the Tax Incentive De-Coder; Leads that come through our site for your offering in your service area.


For Contractors with proof of License and Insurance, the cost of this 'Energy Efficiency' Launchpad program is $295. Please note that the additional Certification path cost of $395 is waived for qualified Contractors. For the details, see Contractor Launchpad

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

We understand that Real Estate Agents are often develop a trusted relationship with their residential and/or commercial clients. So, we have created the programs, resources, and directories to help real estate professionals quickly ‘ramp up’ on the Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities as they relate to property improvements and overall value. See Realtor Resources

Home Inspectors

We understand that Home Inspectors deliver their reports at the point of a transaction and influence spending decisions on repairs. So, we have created the programs and resources to help inspectors learn more about the Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities for homes and also provide a parallel path to revenue in this recession by getting a springboard to providing Home Efficiency Consulting services. See Home Inspector Network