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GREENandSAVE News strives to inform the public about eco-conscious living, environmental matters, world issues, energy efficiency, green innovations, health issues, and more. We feature daily news, information and blogs on science and technology, politics, business, green building, lifestyle, people, education, sports, shopping and entertainment. Our mission is to expand readers’ awareness of environmentally conscious efforts on all levels and encourage participation.

We also feature interviews with various individuals and profiles of people, groups, businesses and products to showcase what is being accomplished in the green movement.

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Vivi Gorman

During 12 years at a publishing company, Vivi Gorman gained extensive experience with newsletters, articles, special reports, email bulletins, web news, blogs and podcasts. For nine years, she served as the editor, reporter and writer of a weekly business newsletter for LexisNexis. In that role, she had the opportunity to learn about construction materials and methods, as well as the detrimental effects of exposures to hazardous substances. She also has experience working for a large general contractor and has many contacts in the environmental field. Her Scandinavian background and architect relatives have instilled an appreciation for an eco-conscious culture that reveres clever design and renewable energy, encouraging her to undertake upgrades in her own home to boost energy efficiency and reduce waste. Vivi’s experiences and skills provide a foundation for understanding the importance of green building and how green initiatives encourage reducing consumption and saving money.

Allison Kade - Columns Editor

Allison Kade is a recent graduate of Columbia University and a writer of both essays and fiction. Particularly interested in green policy and the impact of environmental change on big business, she is the Columns Editor and a contributing writer for greenandsave.com. Given her background in financial services and her passion for the environment, she's grateful for the chance to delve deeply into the interaction between the two.

Allison maintains a blog called the Five Year Plan (amkade.blogspot.com), which both chronicles—and plays a pivotal role in—her attempt to develop a solid readership platform for her writing. You can follow her on Twitter @amkade

Emily Kesselman - Featured Animator/Cartoonist

Emily Kesselman is GREENandSAVE's animator and cartoonist. She produces her work under the name "Emily K," which she adopted after years of having to distinguish herself from the numerous "Emily's" she was surrounded by in grade school.

Emily grew up in Havertown and Bryn Mawr, PA. She developed concern for the environment as a little kid, as she loved exploring nature and learning about various plants and insects in her backyard. Gardening is a family tradition, and she grew up learning about many different kinds of flowers, as well as assisting with the planting and partaking of homegrown fresh fruit and vegetables. At ages 12 and 13, she spent her summer attending the Riverbend Environmental Education Center in South Eastern PA, which gave her a renewed interest in Pennsylvania's natural world. She also has a love for animals, having grown up around various adopted pets. She can't help feeding a stray cat or dog that comes to her door.

Emily began creating art at age 2 and has been creating comics since age 12. She graduated from Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in 2007 where she majored in printmaking, but also studied illustration, metalwork, sculpture, drawing, painting, and photography. Web design has been a hobby of hers since high school and she has created several websites for herself and others. Later on she expanded her skill set to include animation and video production. Working as a freelance graphic designer after art school, she made herself available to whomever needed creative services. As a result, she has gained exposure to many different industries and walks of life.

Emily's work can also seen at her personal website, www.PricklyPortal.com, and her professional freelance business website, www.FeatheredHatStudios.com.

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer

Adam Eisman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Communications and Public Service. Adam has had a lifelong interest in the press and how news is filtered and delivered to a mass audience. He has recently joined the Peace Corps, and will begin his service shortly in an African nation while also frequently contributing to GREENandSAVE.

Ross Woodson - Contributing Writer

Ross Woodson is a graduate of Cornell and spent three years gaining invaluable engineering experience in the energy industry. Recently, he decided to further align his career with his passions and want to show others that it's possible to save the environment and money at the same time.

Debra Bateman - Contributing Writer

Debra Bateman is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University and a frequent contributor to GREENandSAVE where she enjoys reviewing eco-friendly products and companies.

Sean Darras - Contributing Writer

Sean Darras is a graduate University of Delaware, Sean held positions with a large home improvement builder, a sustainable real estate developer and one of the world’s largest energy companies. As a skilled craftsman and a mechanical engineer, Sean brings a deep understanding of the unique requirements necessary to differentiate a building project from a Green building project.

Eric Connor - Contributing Writer

Eric Connor, born and raised in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. Lived two years in Arizona, and 5 in Dublin, Ireland. Since returning to Philadelphia in 2000, Eric has involved himself in Restaurants, Live Music, Promotions, and The Arts. In addition to contributing to GREENandSAVE, Eric maintains a blog, gallynipper.blogspot.com; is recording his second full length album; and is actively involved with two major fashion productions.

Julia Keim - Contributing Writer

Julia Keim graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Communication and a love of writing. After working for two years in marketing and advertising, she decided to pursue a career in writing. A vegetarian for ten years, Julia is passionate about protecting wildlife and their natural habitat.

Victoria Marinucci - Contributing Writer

Victoria Marinucci is currently an English major at Penn State Abington. She possesses a passion for writing, as well as a passion for being environmentally conscious. Part of her effort to be green is adopting veganism, which she believes not only benefits animal welfare, but is also a healthy and ‘green’ benefit for the earth and human body. Aside from discovering natural, eco-friendly products and recipes, Victoria is a watercolor painter and graphic novelist. She enjoys traveling, and can speak Italian, and dabble in basic French and German. Her ultimate goal is to become a literary translator, and continue to educate herself on being environmentally friendly.

Chris Tansey - Contributing Writer

Chris Tansey, holds a Bachelor's degree in creative writing from SUNY New Paltz and currently lives New York. He has always been a fan of writing and considers it one of his biggest passions. He believes that in order for us to live a healthy life the environment needs to be taken care of - he is a strong advocate in recycling.

April Khan - Contributing Writer

April Khan is a freelance journalist who is a regular contributor for helium.com, associatedcontent.com and now greenandsave.com. She volunteers doing a host of different things ranging from; feed the poor programs to recording audio books for the blind. April has travelled extensively across the United States (living in over 39 cities). In addition, she has travelled abroad to Jordan, Syria, India, Japan, Spain, Egypt, Moroco, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Baluchistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Kenya, Alaska, Canada, Fiji, Germany, France and Sweden. Being a Native American her grandmother taught her from youth to not be wasteful and never take more than you need of anything. April is passionate about writing and educating people on how they can help make a positive impact on the environment.

Steve Surman - Contributing Writer

Steven Surman is an accomplished writer and journalist who frequently reports on labor issues, secularism, socio-cultural equality, and the green movement (specifically vertical farming in conjunction with Chris Jacobs of United Future). Having contributed to Secular Nation, the Humanist, and Aoife’s Kiss, he’s also a regular columnist and reporter for Comic News, a pop culture Web site that focuses on contemporary trends in comic books, entertainment, and art. He’s also finished his first book; a gonzo-journalistic narrative exploring the workforce of Wal-Mart.

Rachel Cannon Humiston - Contributing Writer

Rachel Cannon Humiston is a writer and author of betweenjcandmanhattan.com, a Manhattan-based blog. She loves finding fun things on a budget, traveling, and finding green alternatives in her urban surroundings. She holds a Masters Degree in Media Ecology from New York University.

Lisa Bernier - Contributing Writer

Lisa Bernier is a freelance writer living and working out of New York City. She graduated with a B.A. in English and Communications, and has had various short plays produced Off-Off Broadway. She also contributes to the Confederated Noodle, and had a short story recently published by the online literary journal, iddie.

Catherine Finio - Contributing Writer

Catherine Finio is an undergraduate at Shippensburg University who is studying Communications/Journalism. She believes without our planet, all of the other problems of our world would be irrelevant. It's our responsibility to take control of its future and take steps, big or small, in the right direction to save it. Being concious of even the smallest ways to be eco-friendly can make a huge difference. It's our time to act and do well for the planet.

Marie J. Pellegrino - Contributing Writer

Marie J. Pellegrino is a rising senior at Virginia University where she is an English major with a concentration on creative writing and a minor in history. She loves to write and believes that when it comes to our relationship with the environment, it's symiotic: in order for it to care for us, we must care for it.

Max Boath - Contributing Writer

Max Boath is an Environmental Studies undergraduate at the University of Richmond, and a resident of Wayne, Pennsylvania. Max joined GREENandSAVE in 2009 and is a frequent contributor.

Jacalyn Clay - Contributing Writer

Jacalyn Clay is a recent graduate from Temple University. She resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Jacalyn has been published in Temple’s literary magazine, Hyphen, as well as the regional parenting magazine, Parents Express. She spends her time traveling abroad, reading anything she can get her hands on, and seeking writing opportunities where she can utilize her skills, passion and creativity.

Kelly Fields - Contributing Writer

Kelly Fields is an undergraduate student at Temple University majoring in Journalism. An environmental studies class sparked her interest in being green and economically conscious and since then has vowed to promote sustainability for future generations in any way possible.

Caleb Galaraga - Contributing Writer

Caleb Galaraga, in addition to contributing to GREENandSAVE, runs the blog, Notes on Sustainability. He is a passionate advocate of issues on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

Shannon Buck - Contributing Writer

Shannon Buck is the owner of How to Live the Freelance Life, which can be found at http://howtolivethefreelancelife.com. She is a mother of two, who writes from home.

DeAnna Radaj - Contributing Writer

DeAnna Radaj is owner of Bante Design LLC/3E Products, an Integrative Lifestyle Design company. She is a design consultant, author and nationally recognized speaker on Feng Shui, healthy home design, clutter and business issues that challenge the entrepreneur and small business owner. Visit the website and see what’s new at www.bantedesign.com.

Scott Mastro - Contributing Writer

Scott Mastro is a freelance writer/novelist and a member of Transitions US, Colorado, Denver, and Boulder. He is CEO of Sensibly Sustained, a 501(c)(3) sustainable living company offering straw bale construction builds and workshops. Hoping to fry bigger fish across the vast range of sustainable possibilities, presently he lives with his dog, Georgia, in an eighteen foot,.Sioux style teepee in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain foothills. (c) 310-866-2587 – scottmastro@gmail.com

Portia Porter - Contributing Writer

Portia S. Porter is a recent graduate of Rowan University and holds a degree in journalism. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public relations and hopes to shed a little “green” on someone’s closet. She has always had a small interest in “going green” and eco-friendly products, however, her interest grew even more when she discovered that beauty products, as well as fashion & style, could be eco-friendly too. As a makeup junkie and die hard fashionista, she hopes that her contribution to GreenandSave.com will help men and women discover that it’s not what you wear, but what’s in it.

Farrah Sarafa - Contributing Writer

Farrah Sarafa is a Columbia University master's graduate in literature. An avid learner, participator and reader on health, nutrition and the environment, she's published with Spirituality and Health, Janera.com and other culturally enlightening publications. She's been doing yoga and promoting macrobiotic, veggie lifestyle for over 12 years!

Laura Conrad Mandel - Contributing Writer

Laura strives to be a jack of all trades- from writing to cooking, crafting to photographing, community organizing to party planning, she likes to dabble in a bit of everything. She even attended the Bachelors of Humanities and Arts joint degree program in both fine arts and writing at Carnegie Mellon University, unable to limit herself! After calling Pittsburgh home for a few years, Laura enjoyed a stink in the very sunny and oh-so-green Los Angeles. Laura is now proud to call her birth city of Boston home yet again. She lives with her husband Mike, a video game pro, and her leopard kitty Guinness. She enjoys listening to her thirteen-year younger sister’s incredible vocal skills, working on True Sister Designs (www.truesisterdesigns.com), her personalized craft business, with her sister-in-law, and going for leisurely bike rides. Having experienced “green” living on the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Mid-West, Laura feels that she has experienced the gamut of green living, and would love to share some thoughts with you!

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