GREEN OFFICE Tune-Up OFFICE 'Tune-Up': Payback comes in 1-2 Years. Spend $3,000 to save $18,000 over 5 years. Tax Free ROI over 100%


Payback Time in Years: Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):

Office Paper Reduction

Why waste so much paper when you can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to save over a hundred dollars a year for each employee? Learn More
0.3 $400 $1,250 $6,250 312.5%

Office Energy Audit

Why not bring in an expert and spend a few hundred dollars to assess where you could save thousands of dollars over the next few years? Learn More
0.5 $250 $500 $2,500 200.0%

Office Programmable Thermostats

Why pay for heat and AC when you're not using it? One of the best ways to save money quickly and effortlessly is to install an ENERGY STAR® qualified thermostat that pays for itself in less than the first year. Learn More
0.5 $115 $230 $1,150 200.0%

Office Standby Power Reduction

Why pay for power when you're not using your home electronics? Use power strips to cut off the energy, since many appliances consume 25% of their power when they are not even turned on. Learn More
0.8 $220 $280 $1,400 127.3%

Office Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Why pay for conventional lighting that uses more power to create heat than light? Use 66% less energy with CFLs and they last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Learn More
0.8 $60 $80 $400 133.3%

Hand Air Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Why waste paper when you can save money with an electric air dryer? Learn More
0.9 $85 $95 $475 111.8%

Office Internet Fax

Why waste paper and electricity using an 'old school' fax machine? Internet fax systems save you money and make it easier for you to share and store documents electronically. Learn More
1.0 $120 $120 $600 100.0%

Office Heating System Tune-up

Why let your furnace work harder than necessary to keep your family warm all winter. A professional tune-up pays for itself and prevents costly future expenses. Learn More
1.1 $200 $180 $900 90.0%

Office Exit Signs

Why waste energy when you do not have to? Replacing exit sign incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs is a small but important step towards environmental sustainability. Learn More
1.1 $40 $38 $188 93.8%

Office Temperature Equalizers

Why let one room stay too hot or cold when you can easily level the climate control between two rooms? New high efficiency fans are only 8" in diameter and they fit neatly in any interior wall with either an outlet plug or hard wire. Learn More
1.4 $166 $120 $600 72.3%

Office Low Flow Faucets

Why waste water and the energy to heat it when new technology regulates pressure and saves you money? High-Efficiency faucets save about 50% of the water required by conventional faucets. Learn More
1.6 $240 $151 $755 62.9%

Office Weatherstripping & Duct Sealing

Why waste money with anything that leaks? Professional duct sealing saves you money on heating and cooling costs across the year. Learn More
1.8 $500 $278 $1,390 55.6%

Office Bottleless Water Coolers

Why pay so much for individual bottled water or even water cooler water over the course of each year? Office water filters give you great taste and healthier water for pennies a gallon. Learn More
2.0 $650 $325 $1,625 50.0%

Office Computers

Why buy technology that you use every day if there is a cost-effective and more energy efficient option? Save over 50% on the operating cost of each computer and monitor. Learn More
2.0 $120 $60 $300 50.0%

TOTAL SAVINGS and Average Payback / ROI

Payback Time in Years: Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):
  1.4 $3,166 $3,707 $18,533 118.5%

The DATA Source: The ROI Calculations are intended to serve as a guide to help homeowners see the hierarchy of performance and payback. Given variations in energy consumption, house size, and climate zone, results will naturally vary. The calculations are based on comprehensive research and a combination of reports from the U.S. Department of Energy, the EPA, ENERGY STAR® for Homes Program, US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes Program, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), International Energy Conservation Code, PLUS information directly from University Studies, Architects, Manufacturer Specifications, Distributors, seasoned Builders and Installers, and Homeowners with actual Performance Feedback. The data is based on a single family house with typical utility demand for a family of four. This aggregated information and ROI model is (C) 2007

The Recommendation Sources: Throughout this site you will see links to products, resources, calculator tools, and directories. Our team has not only researched the topics that help you make the best decisions on what to do, but we have also provided the key information on how to take ACTION. The web is loaded with information, which is often overwhelming, so we have and continue to research the most cost-effective products and also the best places to buy those products based on price and service. The overall 'Value' is the determining factor in our recommendations, and we put our money where our mouth is having used the research to determine what to buy for the prototype high performance eco-house.

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