Office Weatherstripping & Duct Sealing

weather stripping

Spend $500 now and SAVE $278 each year... ROI = 55.6%

Office Weatherstripping & Duct Sealing - Since about 40% of your offices energy costs go toward heating and cooling, you can save 15% or more of that cost by weatherstripping doors and windows, sealing ducts and also insulating ducts from losing the warm heating air or the cool air conditioning as it travels in a dropped ceiling or exposed spiral ducts to each office. Insulation and Weatherstripping are naturally more of a key method for saving energy at home, and it has not been a priority in office buildings until the recent increases in energy costs. Many older offices have code minimum or no insulation in the floor, ceiling, or walls. There are often drafty gaps around doors or windows, so adding duct insulation, caulking, and weatherstripping will produce real savings.

Weatherization contractors who insulate homes and apartment buildings can do the same thing for smaller office buildings. Have your ducts professionally sealed to reduce leakage to the ENERGY STAR® specification of 10% maximum.

The ROI Calculation is based on the US average ten person office which generates $278 of cost per employee for a total annual HVAC cost of $2,785. The 10% savings yields $278 per year and the professional service cost for a 2,500 sq. ft. office space averages around $500. This specific energy saving tactic, like most in this resource, works most effectively when it follows an Office Energy Audit. Many auditors may personally provide this weatherstripping and duct sealing service or have a preferred sub-contractor or referral provider right in your area. The Energy Audit report pinpoints the areas that need attention and then when it comes to the fix you can always ask for a time and material breakdown rather than a lump sum payment.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
1.8 $500 $278 $1,390 55.6%


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