Office Paper Reduction


Spend $400 now and SAVE $1,250 each year... ROI = 312.5%

If you take just a few steps to reduce paper consumption in your office, you will receive one of the most cost-effective paybacks. On average, US office employees use 1.5 pounds of paper each work day. Legal and Financial firms generate 2 pounds or more. Over 250 work days, the 1.5 pound level generates 375 lbs/year. At $.88/lb, the cost of paper is $333 per employee or year. A 10 ream carton of office paper weighs about 45 lbs with 500 sheets per ream and 5,000 sheets per carton. The average is 111 sheets per pound, and the high average volume of daily paper use at over 150 sheets is due to factoring in everything that is 'unseen' by an individual employee such as quarterly reports, human resource and medical files, sales proposals, marketing letters, as well as emails, and even printing personal files like internet map directions.

The increases in office paper consumption have surprised many of the research groups that expected the 'information technology' revolution to reduce demand. Experts initially believed that email would specifically reduce our demand for paper, but the "cc" factor and high speed printing has let many people along any given communications chain simply hit print out of convenience. Even in a digital e-business world, over the course of 250 business days, average US employees generate a staggering 375 lbs of paper per year.

Time is money, so factor in four hours of administrative time at an opportunity cost of $100 per hour. Naturally, this is an average that may vary based on the value of time in any given business and the efficiency of the program administrator to oversee and circulate the policies provided in this resource. The ROI Calculation is based on reducing one of the average 1.5 lbs of paper produced by an average employee per day, and the cost of a ream of paper at $40. At the average cost of $.88/lb, each employee uses $333 of paper. Saving $125 per employee...simply starts to add up significantly.

Payback Time in Years:  Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):
0.3 $400 $1,250 $6,250 312.5%

Take Action!

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