Office Internet Fax


Spend $120 now and SAVE $120 each year... ROI = 100%

Office Internet Fax - Fax machines operate like copiers and printers. They use energy even when “just sitting there.” For some infrequently used fax machines, the standby energy use can be 10 to 20 times more than when operating. Unlike printers and copiers, the fax machine isn’t something you typically turn off at the end of the workday. For all future fax machine purchases, specify an ENERGY STAR® model. They have a sleep feature that can cut energy costs by almost 50 percent.

A typical ENERGY STAR® fax machine will save energy with a sleep mode and still be ready to send or receive faxes immediately. ENERGY STAR® faxes can also scan double-sided pages. This reduces both copying and paper costs. Fax modems can also be added to a computer or network. This allows for paperless faxing and electronic storage of faxes received, which in turn uses less paper and takes up less storage space, and may make the documents more retrievable than paper copies.

The ROI Calculation is based on a $10 a month plan that gives you each month 400 Receive Pages, 125 Send Pages Faxes Sent To Your Email Fax Inbox, and Unlimited Storage. ENERGY STAR® Fax machines may only use between $2 and $6 of electricity per year which is significantly less than the typical non-efficient machines that use about $23 per year. However the cost of the paper toner and the cost of the duplicate copies is where the greater savings occur when using an Internet fax. 400 pages per month over a year adds up to 5,000 per year and if the fax is copied just once then you will have saved 10,000 pages of paper. A ream of paper typically has 500 pages and there are ten reams per carton. The carton typically costs $45 and has 5,000 pages. So, you could save two cartons and $90 of paper with an Internet Fax. Plus the $23 in electricity savings, a toner cartridge, and 30 day free trial brings the savings up to over $120. The annual mid tier Internet Fax cost is typically $120, for a one year payback.

Payback Time in Years:  Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):
1.0 $120 $120 $600 100.0%


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