Office Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Spend $250 now and SAVE $500 each year... ROI = 200%

Find out how much it will cost for a professional Energy Audit Inspector to come to your office to review and then provide a report on all of the ways that you can start saving money. The cost naturally varies on the size of your office, but a few hundred dollars for a small office could save you thousands. Many auditors also credit the cost of the inspection toward any improvements that you may need to make. If you do not own the office property, your Lesser may also be willing to cover the cost or share in the cost of the audit. The ROI Calculation is based on the average cost of energy audits for 2,500 sq. ft properties and the average savings. Naturally, every office is different so this serves as a guide more so than some of the other calculations that are more easily quantifiable based on usage patterns per employee.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
0.5 $250 $500 $2,500 200.0%

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For Specialty Auditing, go for a Lighting Energy Audit. Since the latest generation of LED Lights is one of the most cost effective retrofits, you can see paybacks on 24/7 areas like fire stairs within a year and half and other areas within three years: Lighting Audits.

Air Conditioning is typically the largest user of electricity for commercial properties. For air conditioning efficiency go beyond audit to include algorithms that optimize air conditioning.  Learn more at HVAC Optimization


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