Office Standby Power Reduction

standby power reduction

Office computers and electronics equipment account for about 20% of am office's energy costs. Many computers and peripherals like copiers and printers consume 25% of their power when they are not even turned on. So, save money with a few power strips for the equipment where it is convenient and shut them down at night or when you leave the office. The latest power strips that automatically detect when a computer has been shut off only cost about $22 each. The ROI Calculation is based on buying 10 power strips for each of ten work stations, and saving about 25% of the US average $113 per employee per year used for electricity. Spend $22 to save $28 each year. Remember that the warranty, not he power strip, is typically 5 years so you save year after year. The advantage of the auto-detection system is that you only need to ask your staff to turn off their computers and not necessarily need to remember to flip off the switch on the surge protector.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
0.8 $220 $280 $1,400 127.3%

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