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  • Green Spotlight: Yinyango

    New location-aware website, Yinyango, helps users find free stuff nearby, reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

    Yinyango is a new location-aware website that promotes "local reusing" by creating a place for residents to list free, unwanted items Operating in most metropolitan areas in the US this website is helping Americans send less waste to the landfill by capitalizing on the idea 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' There are hundreds of thousand of well maintained, unwanted items – from furniture to kitchenware, plants, baby clothes, etc – listed for free around the country.

  • Green Your Commute

    You don't have to completely give up your car to prove how much you care about the environment. Simply changing the way you commute can radically reduce the amount of air pollution, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions you produce each day. And what's more, alternative modes of transportation can benefit your health, save you money and even lead to new friendships (hello, carpool buddies!).

  • Turn Something Old Into Something New

    It's easy to forget that the components of the classic sustainability slogan "reduce, reuse, recycle" are actually listed in order of importance. Recycling is undeniably significant, but reducing and reusing -- using less and using something again -- have a greater impact. Enter "upcycling." It may sound like a tortuous spin class maneuver, but upcycling is nothing more than reusing with a twist.

  • Santa Monica, California: A Glorious, Green City with Room to Grow!

    When I decided to make a huge change a few years ago and transition my life from New Mexico to California, I discovered that there was only one place in the world that I wanted to be: Santa Monica. Santa Monica is an incorporated city in its own right, but it is best known for being part of the greater Los Angeles area. I used to travel in and out of Los Angeles a lot for business, and I always knew that it was my destiny to eventually call the city my home. I had much to figure out before transitioning my entire family here, though (a family that included my two small children and my ex-husband). I knew that I would never want to divide our co-parenting arrangement – for the children's sake – between two states.

  • 6 Tips to Save Water in the Kitchen

    Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, or a house, the kitchen can be an easy place to help trim your household’s water use.

    Sinks, dishwashers, and garbage disposals give you plenty of options for how you can stop wasting one of our planet’s most valuable resources, whether you’re building new, renovating an old space, or just making do with what you’ve got.

  • Go Green and Save Money

    Sure, protecting the environment can sometimes mean spending more, but there are plenty of ways that greening your life can help keep more green in your wallet. “Living green and healthy can be done on a budget and, in many cases, can actually save you money,” says Sara Snow, green lifestyle expert and author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living. Here are six tips from Snow on how any family -- with any budget -- can start helping the planet and saving money today.

  • My Number One Green Tip for Raising Globally-Conscious Green Kids!

    How can we really teach our kids to be responsible citizens and thoughtful contributors to a bright and sustainable future? As far as I'm concerned, the pivotal point of this concept has nothing to do with composting, carpooling or having them put their toys away when they're done playing with them. Of course, while those are all the types of personal responsibility and eco-conscious lessons that you want to impart, when it comes to truly modeling the most important eco-conscious habits that will stick with them for a lifetime, the key has everything to do with teaching your children to simply connect to common sense, common courtesy and their own sense of propriety and fairness.

  • Cleveland "Smart Bins" Will Fine Non-Recyclers $100

    Armed with RFID chips and a disdain for those residents who simply refuse to put out their recyclables in a timely manner, an army of "smart" recycling bins will soon descend on Cleveland to enact their green environmental goodness.

    The bins will be an expansion of a 15,000 resident experimental program that tracked whether or not people were putting their recycling bins out on the curb. If a resident does not take their bin out for a few weeks, the system is notified and a fine could levied against the offender if a visiting "trash supervisor" determines their normal trash bins are filled with more than 10% recyclable material.

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