Five Ways Businesses Can Start Green Transformations

Devin Morrissey

Posted on Tuesday 3rd September 2019
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With the importance of environmentalism becoming more evident each day, many companies understand the need for green practices. For companies who see how valuable environmentalism is, the challenges lie not in recognizing the issues, but in knowing where to begin. Like many things, it’s often easier to make a series of green transformations that lead to bigger changes than it is to make several large changes all at once. 

The beginning stages of creating a green business often start small, but each change to help the environment is a good one. Many changes are policy related and move into a company’s priorities when making bigger decisions. By keeping green transformations in mind, many companies can work towards making a larger difference in the world of environmentalism and corporate responsibility. 

Go Paperless

There are many ways that a company utilizes paper without needing to, often due to outdated policies. It’s the way things have always been done, so it’s common to continue with those policies without thinking about it. However, in the technological world that we live in today, there are many ways to cut the use of paper and replace certain policies with more sustainable ones. 

For example, it’s better for the environment to get rid of hard copies and to use cloud systems for storing documents instead of retaining mountains of paper copies. Further, instead of sending paper invoices or printing receipts, adopt a paperless system using email. 

Offer Remote Work Options

Remote work options don’t make sense for all company models, but if yours does, offering remote work options can help the environment in many ways. It eliminates the need to commute for many employees, which reduces their carbon footprint and helps to reduce emissions. A virtual workplace is sustainable because it allows your office to use less energy, which also means lower bills for you, so it’s a double-win. 

Remote work is often a great perk for your employees and allows them to be more productive and happier in their job. Even just offering a remote work opportunity once or twice a week can do a lot for the environment and employee morale.  

Be Open With Your Support

It’s important that you are open with your support of environmental initiatives and why you’re adopting green practices in the workplace. Not only is open communication and feedback important in terms of customer loyalty, it’s also important for employee engagement. Customers and employees want to feel connected to a company’s message and priorities, and environmental issues are extremely important for many. 

If you donate to an environmental cause, put it in a newsletter to help spread awareness. If you decide to go paperless, explain that you’re doing so for environmental reasons when implementing the change. The “why” is just as important as the “how.” Being open can spread awareness of key issues related to sustainability. 


Small changes are still valuable, and recycling is one way to easily begin a green transformation for your business. Start by providing plenty of recycle bins in the office with directions on them outlining what should and shouldn’t be thrown in them. You might consider asking if any employees are interested in headlining the recycling efforts in the office to help make it easier. 

Remember to recycle e-waste appropriately so it’s not negatively impacting the environment. Follow the recycling regulations in your county, and make any recycling updates known in the office so your green efforts don’t go unnoticed by employees.  

Environmental Priorities 

As you begin making small green changes around your office, you can begin making larger changes that reflect your environmental priorities. Businesses should uphold corporate social responsibility. This means making choices for your business that have a positive impact on society as well as the environment. This will lead to more innovation, long-term cost savings, increased brand loyalty, more growth, and more employee engagement. 

For example, when you need to choose packaging, choose the packaging options that are recyclable. When working with a shipping company, find one with environmental priorities. These changes and priorities will make a huge impact on the environment. Green transformations don’t have to be difficult to implement or come up with. The idea is to find places in your business that could use a green transformation and to start small. 

If your priority is to make environmentally friendly changes in your business model, you’ll eventually have an organization that works to help the environment instead of taking from it. It all starts with the desire to make a change. Not only will this help the world around you, it’ll also be beneficial for your employees and foster loyalty with clients who will feel proud to purchase from you.

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