How Recycling E-Waste Can Affect Your Business

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Posted on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Offices and businesses need to keep their electronics and equipment up to date, which means replacing the old with the new and generating lots of electronic waste or e-waste. What to do with this e-waste that gets accumulated over weeks and months? Reselling the old gadgets and computers seems like one way of dealing with it but there may be some electronic items which are so outdated and old that even getting someone to buy them from you can be a real challenge.

In such cases recycling your e-waste is the best choice because not only is it getting rid of your electronics trash but it’s also an environmentally friendly way to do it.

There are many ways in which your business can benefit by recycling the e-waste that gets generated in offices.

1. A Boost To Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Recycling your e-waste means that your company is doing its bit for the environment and is getting rid of its old electronics responsibly. CSR has become an important part of all reputed professional organisations and every organisation has some or the other initiative in place as part of their CSR activities. Recycling e-waste could be yours. It’s easy, beneficial to the environment and it suits your organisation as well, because you keep replacing your old IT equipment with new, latest technology.

CSR activities are a great way to earn good brand reputation. Your company can be known for its sensitivity to the environment and passion for recycling. A kind consideration and value for human lives as well as the environment will show the existing and potential customers of an organisation that it cares and values important things. It will be a great positive boost for your organisation.

2. You’re Doing Good By The Environment

Apart from the fact that CSR has become more or less compulsory for organisations to practise, recycling e-waste is a great service towards the environment. In a time when climate change and environmental degradation are some of the biggest concerns, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to do their part to save the environment. Recycling e-waste is an extremely useful and beneficial initiative. It will reduce the amount of e-waste that just gets accumulated, instead it can be used again or used to create something else. The most important part is that it will not be a part of the waste that’s getting generated all over the world.

3. It will declutter your office space

The more stuff your office has, the more you need to expand to make space for more people and things. One of the good things about recycling e-waste is that it will remove the unnecessary IT equipment and other electronics that may otherwise be just lying around and catching dust. You can save on space after giving away the old electronics for recycling, have a clean and more organised space in your office. There’s really no point in old electronics lying around and catching dust, so it’s better that they get recycled. This way they can be used again, benefit the environment, keep your office up to date and rid of old trash items.

4. Recycling costs less than waste removal

If ever you decide to get rid of the pile of old electronics, waste removal might actually cost you more than recycling and it’s not the environmentally friendly way to do things. If recycling is better for the environment and it costs less to get rid of it, then isn’t e-waste recycling the only way to go about it?

5. Better Brand Image Than Your Competitors

When word gets out and spreads that you’re a company that’s keeping the preservation of the environment at the heart of its functioning, you will automatically strike the chords of your target audience for being a sensitive, responsible and mature organisation. This will create a positive image in their minds and they will be more inclined to purchase your products/ services than that of your competitors. E-waste recycling will the unique quality about your company which will set it apart from its competitors and isn’t that great for your business?


A lot of awareness is being created about recycling and reusing products because that’s the way we can prevent excessive generation of waste and further depletion of raw materials. There are plenty of products in our homes and offices that can easily be reused and don’t need to go in the trash pile. We should view products in our homes with the same perspective as well. Ask yourself each time you’re ready to toss something into the trash, ‘can I make use of this?’ There are plenty of creative ways to make use of products that are going into waste, so make sure you try to do your part towards preserving our planet, because it needs us now more than ever!

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