Time Sensitive Talking points for Upcoming Democratic Debate: July 30 and 31


Posted on Monday 22nd July 2019

We see an opportunity to help the Democratic Presidential candidates speak more constructively about climate change.

Why Now?: Many Republican elected officials and hosts/guests on FOX NEWS have been "beating up" the Presidential Candidates that have supported the GREEN NEW DEAL or have their own climate change strategies, because of the sweeping goals, high potential cost to taxpayers, and lack of specific tactics to accomplish the goals. The candidates typically reference solutions like Solar Power, Wind Power, and Electric Cars. America is bored with these solutions, and there are more cost-effective and proven tactics at hand. We have been amazed that to date NONE of the candidates have referenced in the debate stage or in communications that we have seen, the following talking points:

TALKING POINTS for Climate Change:

#1: America uses 25% of the world’s energy with less than 5% of the population.

#2: Buildings account for 40% of America's energy use.

#3: Air Conditioning and Lighting typically use over half of a buildings energy (Over 25% each for AC and lighting)

#4: I will create tax incentives and job training for proven air conditioning optimization through advanced algorithm technology that "tunes" existing equipment and LED lights that replace old fluorescent tubes and other fixtures.

#5: Over the past decade, we have seen the case studies that cut over 25% of the electricity costs for buildings.

#6: Cutting waste is often less expensive than creating more power through wind and solar, and these efficiency technologies are MADE in AMERICA and create Jobs. 

#7: The private sector has financing in place, so that building owners pay ZERO upfront and there is ZERO cost to taxpayers - a Win/Win with a cooler planet as a result.

#8: I will encourage performance contracting at federal and state levels for everything from optimizing Veterans Affairs Hospitals to optimizing State Prisons. The US government uses over 3 billion sq ft of real estate, and we will start by optimizing our own buildings to lead by example. The Trump Administration and previous Obama Administration have not focused on optimizing the multi-billion dollar energy consumption of federal buildings, in part because they weren’t aware of the proven technology used across the non-government market.

#9: I can start by saving over $1 billion each year on just the government buildings by changing the lights to LED technology with Buy American Act (BAA) lights.

#10: In addition to Air Conditioning and LED lighting, local indoor farming is another way to save energy, create jobs, and reduce climate change. Currently 90% of many of the vegetables in the US are grown in California. We are wasting diesel fuel moving them across many states in trucks and trains. Local hydroponic indoor farming saves 90% of the water and saves energy with advanced LED grow lights. It's pretty logical to grow food closer to where we eat the food than all of the way across the country. I will explore the best path to encourage next-generation agribusiness and training for Future Farmers to convert vacant buildings into Future Food operations. This is a form of next generation "manufacturing" that is sustainable and healthy for Americans.

SUMMARY: Energy intelligence optimization is about smart clean technology with examples like Air Conditioning, LED Lighting, and Indoor Farming that will create over a million new jobs for Americans along the way.



File with US Government real estate foot print and energy savings broken out by Government Agency.

Government Energy Savings Report

(See page #20)


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