The First Steps for Justice Reform


Posted on Wednesday 31st July 2019
Green Prisons


During his 2019 State of The Union Address, President Trump spoke on how America can begin to remediate on the harmful effects faced by nonviolent offenders.  With this idea, president Trump spoke on introducing the First Step Act. He said that, “The First Step Act gives nonviolent offenders the chance to reenter society as productive, law-abiding citizens. Now, states across the country are following our lead. America is a nation that believes in redemption.”  As the act’s name suggests, this is a major step towards a new form of justice.


The First Step Act was a dual-partisan act passed in order to begin taking steps to alter the nation’s justice system by initially easing very punitive prison sentences at the federal level.  What this means is that non-violent offenders, such as those arrested for marijuana posses, have been granted new hope. Individuals previously convicted for these types of crimes who could have potentially been sentenced for decades will now be granted greater attention and forgiveness when moving for appeals.  This is a massive movement towards general prison and even justice system reform.


In addition to this, prisons should begin to adopt ‘green’ practices; ecologically sustainable practices aimed at decreasing their energy consumption.  As we’ve discussed before, introducing practices such as localized farming, LED lighting, and optimizing air-conditioning systems are accessible, pragmatic ways for prisons to begin to decrease their energy consumption.  We are a nation who is at the forefront of economic power and given that we have the largest proportion of our population in prisons, we need to start leading the way in prison reform. Companies such as Independence LED are beginning to provide options for prisons to break into this market.  With anything from their LED grow lights to their Correctional Facility LEDs, iLED is a shining example of how this country can begin to increase its mindfulness.


If you’re curious to learn more about how Independence LED is leading the way in their field, you can visit the company’s website.  As always, we at GREENandSAVE believe knowledge to be the fuel that powers progress, so we encourage you to learn more about the specific implications of Independence LED’s Correctional Facility LED Tube and to check out the general implications of their work.

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