PA State Legislator Taking Steps to Save Energy

Posted on Thursday 17th February 2011

Warren Kampf, a Republican representing the 157th district in Pennsylvania, is one of the first state legislators to upgrade their district office to LED lighting. A local company, LED Saving Solutions, manufactured the tubes in their Boyertown, PA facility. It is estimated that the upgrade will decrease the per-fixture wattage from 55 to 11 watts.

The most common office lighting fixture contains three 35 watt 4’ fluorescent T12 tubes totaling 105 watts. If the office lights are on 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, they operate 3,754 hours annually. This amounts to 413 kilowatt hours per year (110 x 3,754/1000). The cost of electricity in the US averages $0.14 per kilowatt hour. The typical district office of approximately 1,000 sq.ft. is lit by 14 such fixtures. Therefore, it costs $809.00 per year to light a typical district office. Not to mention maintenance costs associated with changing the bulbs, or the additional HVAC costs incurred from the heat given off by the fluorescent tubes.

LED Saving Solutions replaces the three fluorescent tubes with three LED tubes totaling 45 watts. This results in an annual savings per district office of $226 and $5,650 in savings over the 25 year life of the tubes

There are currently 253 legislators in Pennsylvania. If each of these legislators has an average of 2 district offices and followed Rep. Kampf’s lead, taxpayers would save $114,356 annually and $2,858,900 over the 25 year life of the tubes. There are currently 7,382 state legislators in the United States. If each of these legislators upgraded to LED lights in their district offices, taxpayers would save $1,668,332 annually and $41,708,300 over the life of the tubes.

This equates to a reduction of 542,207,900 pounds of CO2 or taking 45,184 SUVs off of the road!

For more the official Press Release and detailed figures click here

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