Ryan Reynolds Reflects on the Gulf Oil Disaster, Local Impacts and How We Move Forward

Daniel Hinerfeld, NRDC
Posted on Friday 27th August 2010

In New Orleans’ leafy Uptown district, about a dozen blocks from Tulane University, there’s a hidden dog park on the banks of the Mississippi River. Hounds from all over the neighborhood lead their humans over the levee and into a small wood to cool off with a romp in the shallows. On a hot, damp Sunday this summer, I took a small film crew there to meet the actor Ryan Reynolds, who spent much of 2010 in New Orleans shooting Green Lantern for Warner Bros.

Having had a front row seat to watch the Gulf oil disaster unfold, Ryan and many of his fellow cast and crew members were outraged. They had a lot to say about the terrible impact of the event on the region and the dishonest way it was spun by BP, but also about their hopes for a clean energy future.

With a video team composed largely of Green Lantern crew members working on their one day off, we shot an interview with Ryan about the Gulf disaster and also a 30-second commercial about the real cost of a gallon of gas.

Please check them out and pass them along to your friends. On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we need to make sure that this new challenge to the residents of the Gulf Coast isn’t buried under a mountain of BP’s BS.

Take action -- Join Ryan Reynolds in calling on the Senate to address the BP oil disaster and to get back to work on climate change.

This post originally appeared on NRDC's Switchboard.

Daniel Hinerfeld is Deputy Director of Communications for the Natural Resource Defense Council in Santa Monica. NRDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment, people and animals. NRDC was founded in 1970 and is comprised of more than 300 lawyers, scientists and policy experts, with more than one million members and e-activists.

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