How to Ensure That Your Home is Eco Friendly and Safe

Contributing Writer: Jori Hamilton

Posted on Wednesday 20th March 2019
Home with garage in front of a sunset

It is often said that your home is your castle, and like a strong fortress, you want your house and family to remain safe and sound. Of course, nothing stays perfect forever. Over time, your home will face wear and tear, so you must take proper precautions to ensure that the inside and outside of your home stays in the best and safest shape possible.

Accidents can happen in any home, so be aware of the potential dangers that could exist in your kitchen, bathroom, and the backyard. These tips are a great start to ensuring that your house is safe for everyone who enters.

A Safe Kitchen

The kitchen is more than just a place where the food is made. It is often the central hub of a home — a place where friends and family convene. With that in mind, you might be considering a kitchen remodel that combines functionality, comfortability, and safety.

However, you need to do it right. While doing a remodel yourself can be very rewarding and could save you money in the long run, it is a huge project that must be kept organized to remain safe, especially with tools and other equipment that may be in disarray during the remodel.

If you are completing the kitchen remodel yourself instead of hiring a professional, you will have to be sure that you are doing everything correctly, especially when it comes to electrical work and plumbing. For the plumbing, you will want to ensure that all components work together and are properly sealed. Otherwise, it could lead to leaks, which could cause slip and fall incidents. Plus, if water leaks underneath your floorboards, it could attract insects that could create disease in your home.

As far as electrical work goes, it is important to be well informed and take your time. You do not want any short circuits leaving you and your guests in the dark. That could just be the tip of the iceberg, as electrical shortages could also lead to house fires or electrocutions.

If you are looking to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly, then you have a few options. This includes setting up a recycling section for plastic and paper, using LED bulbs throughout the area, and installing a low-flow aerator to the kitchen sink, which could help save 700 gallons of water a year.

Eliminate Rust

You may not see or think about it often, but rust can be a dangerous irritant that can cause problems if not properly contained. The fact is that all metals around your home can rust or corrode in some way due to exposure to the elements. Rust can be particularly harmful if it cuts you or a guest, with serious injuries resulting in infections, including tetanus.

Additional risks present themselves when rust gets into your body. Since metal rusts when exposed to water, the plumbing in your home can easily corrode. As a result, rust can get into your water, which can lead to higher levels of iron and bacteria. Even worse, corroded pipes could leak, leading to flooding, and the resulting water damage could lead to mold.

One way to lessen the chance of an incident is to be proactive in eliminating it. Avoid these injuries by painting or sealing rusted metal, as treatments can last up to 10 years. Also, remove any rusty nails in basements and cupboards.

You have a couple of options for eliminating rusty water or pipes depending on the extent of the damage. To flush the pipes, turn on the sinks and let them run for around 20 minutes at top pressure, then check for rust. If it still exists, repeat the process in a half hour. If your pipes are so rusted that they are falling apart, then they need to be replaced. This can quickly escalate into an extensive project that may require the assistance of a professional, but it’s a necessary process to ensure safety.

Avoid Outdoor Bacteria

When working to keep your home safe, it is not only what is indoors that can cause issues; outside, bacteria could be thriving. Bacteria clings to anything that isn’t cleaned properly or often enough, and if you don’t take care of the outside of the house, your fence, and the objects in your yard, then the resulting bacteria could be harmful to guests and your pets. The most effective way to rid your property of this danger is through pressure washing.

Pressure washing is not only for your deck or the outside of your house, it is also very effective on garage doors, swimming pools, statues, outdoor grills, and furniture. It's wise to pressure wash the outside of your home at least once a year.

There are other eco-friendly methods you can use around your yard to keep it healthy, beautiful, and safe. Instead of using fertilizers full of harmful chemicals, consider an organic fertilizer. Try composting your food scraps and other waste for use in your garden. Mosquitoes can hamper a party with your guests, so set out bird feeders filled with sunflower and safflower seeds to attract helpful birds like orioles, finches, cardinals that will scare off mosquitoes before the insects can feast on your party attendees.

There is nothing like having a safe home for your family and friends. Clean regularly, know your limits when it comes to home projects, and keep an eye out for rust, and you will have a happy house for all.

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