Tips For A Greener, Safer Office


Posted on Friday 1st March 2019






How much thought do you give to the safety and environmental friendliness of your office? It’s quite possible you give more thought to one than the other, but in many instances, they can be part of the same problem – and therefore the same solution. Not only can you tackle safety and green issues at the same time, but in many cases, you’ll be saving money too, so you get three wins for one action!


Recycling tips is one of the most well-established green habits, but very often even people who are diligent about recycling at home seem to switch off at work and put everything in the trash. It’s very easy to set up separate waste containers so that recyclables go in the right bin, and you’ll end up with less trash to dispose of.

LED lighting

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are a far more economical way to light your office, lasting many times longer than traditional bulbs and strip lights. They’re also far less damaging to the environment; using fewer raw materials, lasting so much longer, and taking less power to operate. Many people also feel the light they give out, while still being bright, is less harsh than other forms of lighting, making for a more pleasant working environment.

Automatic lighting

It’s also worth considering an automatic lighting system that turns itself off after a set period of time unless it detects movement. You’ll keep your electricity bills down, as you won’t have lights left on in rooms that are empty, and no-one needs to worry about remembering to switch the lights off at the end of the day.

Staff health and safety

You should have all the statutory health and safety requirements in place, but it’s important to make sure everything is working correctly, and that documentation is kept up to date. Accidents at work can’t always be avoided, but they should always be guarded against to the best of your ability and dealt with appropriately should they occur. You can assist anyone who has been injured at work with advice and recommendations and make sure they get any medical and practical support they need. For example, if they’ve been let down by their healthcare provider and suffered, as a result, point them in the direction of a reputable legal firm like

Greener travel to work

Reducing carbon emissions when traveling is something to which everyone can contribute. Taking the bus or the tube, traveling by train, and sharing car journeys are all effective ways to reduce the amount of pollution you’re responsible for. Imagine if everyone driving to work in the morning started to share their journey with someone else who was going the same way. Pollution rates could be cut by as much as a half with just that one simple action. Encourage your staff to carpool to work, or make it easier for them to walk or cycle to the office.

There are many more ways to both green up your office and keep everyone safe, and remember, you could well be saving money too.

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