"The Greenest Olympics Ever"


Posted on Friday 12th February 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics kick off tonight in Vancouver. And if you're one of those people that likes to think about sustainability while watching bobsledding - which we're pretty sure you are - this post is for you.

Here are three things to keep in mind while you enjoy the next two weeks:

How Green Are They Really? - The Vancouver Organizing Committee was formed in 2003, and they promptly claimed that Vancouver 2010 was going to be the greenest Olympics ever. According to Newsweek, this Olympics probably will have a carbon footprint that's 15% smaller than it would have been had no one cared about shrinking the footprint. However, that doesn't mean Olympics in general (and this Olympics in particular) don't (and won't) have HUGE environmental impact.

One Of The Greenest Neighborhoods Ever - Our friends over at NRDC's Switchboard posted this morning about Vancouver's remarkably innovative (and resource efficient) Olympic Village. For pictures, videos, history, and analysis, have a look at the post.

Coke Pushing For Zero - The world's favorite beverage bottler has what sounds like a pretty ambitious goal for the next two weeks: zero carbon footprint, zero waste. We can't imagine they won't need lots of cooperation from their customers to make it happen, and we're curious to see how they engage everyone.

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