Optimizing Energy and Utility Costs

The GREENandSAVE Optimization Service Group - OSG - is at the heart of our business. Our staff of Energy Auditors (Certified: HEC, BPI, and RESNET), Architects (LEED Accredited Professionals), Mechanical Engineers, Researchers and MBAs look at “Performance First” when it comes to saving homeowners and business owners like you money on your utility bills. We created the comprehensive online resources available at GREENandSAVE to support Americans that want to get some foundation perspective on eco-savings, but the on-site work by a trained professional is what typically converts intent into impact.

IN THE NEWS: CISCO Systems recently selected GREENandSAVE's Founder and President, Charlie Szoradi, for their One Million Acts of Green. See the video profiles: Small Acts, Big Rewards and The Most Energy Efficient Home.

How can we help you?

I am a Homeowner, and I want to save money and create a healthier home and overall environment.
Home Optimization Services

I am a Business Owner or Property Manager and I want to save money and create a healthier workplace and overall environment.
Commercial Optimization Services

I am a Contractor, Specialty Installer, Product Manufacturer, Real Estate Agent, or Architect, and I want to engage with the GREENandSAVE Optimization Service Network.
Professional B2B Services

Where are you on the path?

Our 360° Path to Optimization approach has come from over two decades of providing innovative design and cost saving programs for clients across the country. We work with clients all along the cycle or we can focus just on an individual need specific to your situation.

Get Started - If you’re here, then you most likely are already aware of the potential opportunities to reduce costs and impact on the environment. We don’t need to tell you about de-regulation…

1: Assess - If you have not already had an Energy Audit, we can help you ‘Assess’ the situation to guide the most appropriate improvements and deliver the Return on Investment Reports to illustrate the best payback.

2: Quote – If you know what you need, and want help getting the best quotes from the right contractors, just let us know, and we can either recommend providers or help you make sense of the bids. This way you can compare ‘apples to apples’ when it comes to R-Value for insulation, longevity of systems, warranties, etc.

3: Finance – If you want to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credits, State Incentives, Rebates, and new generation of Green Bank Lenders, we have written the ‘Green De-Coder’ that unravels all of the complexity.

4: Engage – If you are ready to ‘pull the trigger’ on design or installation, we can help serve as a sounding board to flag anything that does not match up with Best Practices.

5: Monitor – If you want to truly test the performance of your energy saving initiatives over time, we can set the ball in motion to help you systematically monitor key data points like the: Heating Index, Base Load Electric, Base Water Usage…and more. Measurement is the key to Management.