Organic Makeup in the Polluted City

Columnist Farrah Sarafa
Posted on Tuesday 18th August 2009

Itchy eyes? Red, irritated skin? This has recently been happening to me when I apply elegantly bottled perfume and brand name creams and cosmetics. The average person uses nine cosmetics per day, which at an extra 126 chemicals per cosmetic for our bodies can cause long-term health problems. Green and chemical-free organic alternatives do exist, and in my opinion feel safer, purer. Fragrance and chemical-free lip tints, eyewear, hair products, and natural creams safely beautify the human exterior, so while it’s true my using organic, all-natural products might have increased my sensitivities, these severe reactions from the common brand cosmetics are common and dangerous.

Our bodies do not metabolize metals so poisons build up and eventually cause disease, deterioration of bodily organs. Further there is plenty of evidence that toxic cosmetics do test on animals negatively affect our health. Long lipstick use may lead to lead-related infertility, mascara-mercury may cause lid dermatitis, and lash loss and penetration enhancers certainly accelerate toxic levels. Skin (on the lips, eyes and face especially) is highly absorptive, so mercury, aluminum, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, tricolosan and pesticides seep into our blood most readily through these regions and possibly cause reproductive and hormone disturbances, secondary hypertension, toxic metal accumulation. Overall, using cosmetics without care can very well lead to cancer.

Are we really going to continue paying money for such destruction? "Fragrance" is not an herb or from a plant, yet some of our favorite cosmetics pride themselves on such poetic masks when real beauty really comes from nature. Further the fact that there are no laws regulating what companies put in to their products means we need to be well informed and extra careful and considerate about what we apply onto our skins. See this and this for a list of ingredients to absolutely avoid.

Using organic products minimizes the dangers related to illness and metal toxicity, so Bare Escentuals from Sephora is an excellent place to start. Its products are composed of natural plant extracts free from synthetic preservatives and parabens; a study showed 18 out of 20 breast cancer tissue samples to contain parabens, implicating them as a toxin. Furthermore Saffron Rouge, a large online retailer, offers great samples and is remarkably simple and accessible. It also offers good rates on bath, hair and face products.

Jurlique, an Australian-based organic skin and hair care company is my particular favorite for eye and face creams, toners, and mask. Produced from herbs grown on a husband and wife owned Australian plantation, Jurlique’s Tahini-oat orange face scrub is my absolute favorite. Another most popular and easy to find organic cosmetic line is Dr. Hauschka. A German company specializing in facial toners, creams, and body oils, Hauschka is everywhere nowadays, from Whole Foods to your local bath store. Mineral Fusion offers excellent loose powders, bronzers, and concealer for all skin types. Hemp Organic Lip tints by Vashon Organics is great for lip color, offering spectacular tints such as Terra, Kiss, Wine and Berry. Ever hear of ‘clear Karma gloss’? Doesn’t it just make sense to use products that are ultimately healthy and offer flawless coverage? I’ve lead you to several natural brands that can help the world cease polluting our rivers, lakes and bloodstreams.

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