Watch What You Buy – Or It’s on You

by Brooke Chase and the Great Green Home Show, GREENandSAVE
Posted on Saturday 11th April 2009

Getting ready in the morning can be a marathon like experience. With all the lotions, gels and creams, it might seem like every morning you are preparing for battle. From shaving to showers to hair treatments, the amount of chemicals we put in and on ourselves is astounding, given that we really are placing blind faith in the production of these products. From shampoo to soap to lotions to face creams, toners, deodorants, hair gels, sprays, nail products; the list gets long mighty quickly.

These products are all full of crazy chemicals. It is wholly irresponsible to release these chemicals on such a massive scale back into the environment. This does not even take into account the amount of plastic and chemicals that end up directly in the landfill in the form of the bottles and tubes of these things.

Whenthese chemicals are absorbed, inhaled and ingested, there can be huge health problems associated such as cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, hormonal dysfunction, and other health problems.The manufacturers aren’t even required to list these chemicals because the government has determined that the amounts of chemicals in the products are so small that they won’t be harmful. But if you think about how many productsare used and the fact that they are used daily, the aggregate chemical consumption is amazingly high!So actually, this is a huge problem and should be a concern to anyone who uses cosmetics and other chemically produced products.

The chemicals one should be most vigilant towards are mercury, placenta, lead acetate, petro chemicals, phthalates, hydroquinone, nonparticles, and parabens. To avoid these trouble spots it is helpful to look for non-aluminum deodorant, which will prevent you from lathering on fresh chemicals with your daily scent. Also use a natural toothpaste and read the labels, or buy from companies that have signed the an agreement that they will only use certified organic and natural ingredients.

It also helps to stay away from petroleum-based products, and to look for the Humane Cosmetics Standard label to ensure there was notesting on animals. Being a trusting person is a good quality, but not when dealing with corporations. It is always good to harbor a cautious skepticism any time a larger corporation tells you something, and just because the product says organic or natural or hypo allergenic doesn’t mean that it is. Many businesses are hoping to cash in on the latest popular trend of Being Green, and as such “Green-Wash” their products to enter the market without changing the product itself. Lastly, make sure what you are buying has a USDA Organic seal or an Eco-Certified label!

Some great green products include:

  1. Burt’s Bees
  2. Crystal Deodorant
  3. Solar Powered Toothbrush
  4. Green People Toothpaste is a free resource for anyone that wants to save energy, money, and the environment. The articles, product reviews, online tools, and return on investment calculations are researched from a diverse range of public and private sector sources. Overall, the company is passionate about saving money as well as creating healthy homes, offices, and lifestyles.

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