By Debbie Bateman, GREENandSAVE.com
Posted on Sunday 26th April 2009

We all begin as single cells bathed in fluid, and as we develop, more and more of our cells remain next to fluid to sustain life. Our bodies need more water than any other nutrient; 50 times more than protein and 5,000 times more than vitamin C. Sixty percent of an adult’s body weight is comprised of water and about 80 percent of the brain is made up of water.

We need water to live and grow. It transports nutrients throughout our bodies; dissolves vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other molecules; partakes in chemical reactions; lubricates and protects our bones and joints; maintains body temperature; and acts as the body’s cleansing agent. Unfortunately, unlike most nutrients, you cannot go more than a few days without water and must therefore constantly replenish your body’s stores.

The question then becomes, what is there to do when we have no access to water? We have all experienced the disappointment of a broken water fountain or a “Sold Out” message on a vending machine where caffeinated sugary sodas are the only alternative. In no time, our mouths become dry, headaches kick in, and body heat may start to build.

Fortunately, you can thirst no longer. We have discovered an “untapped” solution to your water woes! Katadyn is a company from Switzerland that specializes in making drinking water accessible to you no matter where you are. Katadyn produces exceptional filtration and portable water systems that allow you to source water from virtually any location. Their various treatments are effective against all kinds of microorganisms and contaminants including viruses, bacteria, sediment, giardia, and cryptosporidium, which is a chlorine resistant parasite common in lakes and rivers. All of their products are proven safe, reliable, and quenching. Just ask other organizations that rely on their products. Katadyn’s water systems are used by the military, healthy organizations and outdoor adventurers across the globe. They are also approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency responsible for ensuring that water meets minimum standards for protection of public health.

Our favorite products included the Katadyn MICRO Water Bottle Microfilter. This handy chug allows you to drink water from a river, lake, or stream without worry so that you can get back to your kayaking, hiking, or fishing in no time. It is portable, easy to use, durable, and comes with replaceable cartridges which deliver 160 refills of fresh drinking water!

Our second top pick were the ever-so-convenient MICROPUR Water Purifier Tablets. These tablets release safe chlorine dioxide to fight against viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted inhabitants. Each tablet treats an entire liter of water and one pack comes with twenty! Just drop one tablet in your liter, wait a full four hours for adequate treatment and decontamination, and sip away. These tablets are ideal for outdoorsy folk such as hikers, backpackers, campers, and skiers or snowboarders.

No more cotton mouth or eco-adverse plastic bottles. Whether camping at a nearby park or crossing the English Channel, Katadyn’s top-of-the-line reliable purification products will wet your whistle. Bottoms up! Bottles down.

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