Bamboo to You!

By Cynthia Szoradi. Contributing Writer for
Posted on Tuesday 9th December 2008

At the end of a long day, we all look forward to a good night's rest. And after a particularly long day, it usually doesn't matter what is finally rested upon. But did you know it is estimated a conventionally grown cotton sheet set uses about 1 pound of agricultural chemicals, and our pillows and mattresses expose us to the volatile chemical vapors (VOC's) released from products that pose health risks including formaldehyde, styrene, and the foam flame retardant PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). Who knew?

No one would argue that leaving a smaller impact on the environment is a major concern right now. Going organic with your bedding keeps most of the pesticides and herbicides associated with conventional bedding out of our eco-system, with the added benefit of supporting organic farmers. All organic fabrics are processed and finished without chemical ingredients; no dyes, toxic bleaches or formaldehyde. The result is comfortable, soft linens which are woven for durability and will last for years to come.

Luckily, these cotton sheets, pillows, and even healthy mattresses are easy to find and well-priced. Recently, healthy bedding has gone mainstream and is widely available from Pottery Barn, West Elm, JCPenney, Target, and hundreds of online retailers. Here are just a few of the best options out there:

Ortolan Linens Company has plenty to offer. All of Ortolan's gorgeous home linens are made of 100 percent organic cotton and packaged with 100 percent recycled materials; even the pillows are filled with Kapok, a sustainable, natural fiber.

Gaiam is another great resource for all things green, including bedding. This time of year they have attractive flannel bedding which is certified organic, stylish and has the added benefit of an excellent ROI, letting you turn down the thermostat at night.

The Eco Chic Stripe Organic Sheet Set from Pottery Barn Teen is a perfect meeting of the minds for the health-minded parent and the girl who needs to be stylish. All organic bedding lines coordinate, which makes mixing-and-matching effortless. The twin sheet set is $79.

Finally, Plover Organic's bedding line has one of the best range of styles. An added bonus is that the duvet covers are reversible (two looks for the price of one). Duvets can be purchased at VivaTerra.

Sleep tight knowing you really are getting a good night's rest, we all need our beauty sleep!

And in case the eco-craze has inspired you to take a closer look at all your home furnishings, check out GREENandSAVE's Home Furnishing section. With all the good eco-karma you'll gain, feng shui will never be easier.

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