Turning our Schools Green, One Student at a Time

By Adam Eisman and the Great Green Home Show, GREENandSAVE
Posted on Saturday 11th April 2009

Spring has sprung, and with warmer weather and the nice green buds on trees comes a budding generation of green Americans, better prepared than any generation that came before it to face the sustainability challenges of the near future. To teach students how to be more sustainable and to respect the environment, here are a few things to do at school:

  1. Start an organic garden and learn about how food really works and affects your body.
  2. Change the food being offered in the cafeteria if it is not healthy, and talk to the school’s dietician to make contracts with local farmers and growers.
  3. Install low flow water faucet heads, showerheads and toilets.
  4. Get Compact Fluorescent Lamps and some automatic programmable controls so that lights are never left on after hours.
  5. Check the thermostats to make sure they are programmable.
  6. Service the filters on your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment every month.
  7. Get an energy Audit to see how your school can be more efficient.
  8. Install solar power and a solar hot water heater, which will reduce the amount of water and energy the school uses.
  9. Projects for classes: Take a class trip to see recycling plants, landfills, farms, and other close-by locations that can fill the children in on how sustainability can actually work.
  10. Institute a Green Current Event Class and Curriculum to keep up with the changing world and changing energy production environment.

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