State To Provide $76 Million For Green Jobs, Traffic Relief

Vivi Gorman,
Posted on Friday 29th May 2009

On May 28, Governor Ed Rendell announced the provision of $76 million to create green jobs and investments to relieve traffic congestion and allow safe routes to schools.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is providing $59 million for 50 Smart Transportation-related projects and almost $17 million for 30 Safe Routes to School projects to improve safety and encourage walking and biking-friendly improvements.

“Investments in smart transportation and creating safe routes to schools offer travel options that help reduce reliance on fossil fuels. By building more rational connections within communities we can reduce vehicle use and attract pedestrians and bicyclists. These small steps will help Pennsylvania and the nation combat climate change and reduce reliance on imported fuels,” the Governor said.

The Greater Philadelphia region will reap $18.5 million under the Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative, or PCTI.

PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler said, “We are working toward real change. We are closely examining costs, accommodating all modes of travel, leveraging and preserving our existing infrastructure, enhancing local street networks, building towns rather than inviting sprawl, planning and designing with thoughtful consideration of community context, and working with local governments.”

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