NEW: 10 Year Warranty on LED tubes that are Made in America

Posted on Sunday 28th April 2013

Some of the top LED manufacturers have increased their warranties as the LED industry has matured. Buyer beware of the asterisk and small print relative to run time, since many warranties promote coverage but it may be limited to a certain number of hours of operation each day. This can become a real hurdle for property owners and operators since the longer the run time with LEDS the higher the Return on Investment.

One U.S. LED tube manufacturer announced a 10 year warranty at LIGHT FAIR International at the April 2013 event. Independence LED ( has a simple formula that does not restrict the user from running the lights 24/7. According to Charlie Szoradi, the Independence LED, CEO, “We are proud to offer the strongest known warranty program across the global LED tube lighting industry. For our LED tube series, we now offer a 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty on up to 60,000 hours of operating life, whichever occurs first.”

This warranty is based on multiple years of sales according to the company with impeccable performance and a junction temperature on the aluminum printed circuit board that is below 45 degrees centigrade to keep the chips cool. The American Made LED tube’s aircraft grade deep fin aluminum heat sink and external driver technology apparently keeps the LEDs more than 10 degrees cooler than competing LED tube manufacturers. Since heat is the enemy of the LED tube and LEDs in general, this extra effort in advanced thermal management pays off in longevity.

Beyond the 10 year warranty, the other standards for a top quality LED tube are outlined in the International Class A-10 Standards. Warranty is one of the ten standards so, buyers should look carefully at the other factors before making an investment that could have a decade or more of impact on a business, institution, or municipal facility looking to save money with LED tubes. See the article on the Class A-10 Standards specifically for the LED tube sector:

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