Home Improvement Basics

Home improvements are a necessary part in maintaining a homes appearance as well as its resale value. This section provides informative articles about building materials, gutters and drainage, sidewalk and driveway maintenance, exterior and interior additions and renovations, and roofing maintenance and repairs. Now, no home improvement project is too difficult!
Home Improvement Basics
  • Highlights on Green Home Remodeling Financing

    In the quest for reduced utility bills at individual homes and energy independence across the national stage, we are increasingly seeing the opportunities to go green, but the challenge is more often in funding the ‘vision’. At the Federal level, ‘borrowing’ money and increasing our national debt is perhaps inevitable, but homeowners do not have the same luxury to print money.
  • Overview on Home Improvement Basics

    The right home improvement products, techniques, and services:
    Contractors, home improvement stores, and specialty shops in your area may not yet have a complete familiarity with the ‘green’ opportunities, products, system integration, and overall savings potential. So, you may get some resistance, since people in general are typically more comfortable recommending something that they are already familiar with rather than something new.

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