• Hybrid and Efficient Vehicles

    Hybrid Electrics for Fleets For companies with automobile fleets, new hybrid electric automobiles offer double the gas mileage, greater range, and half the tailpipe emissions of a conventional car. The state Business Energy Tax Credit helps make initial costs of hybrids competitive with conventional cars and the fuel savings will begin immediately.

  • Bikes and Scooters

    Bike Parking/Showers/Lockers Although Portland has an extensive network of bike lanes and bike paths and a climate that is ideal for bike riding (at least part of the year), many bike-riding employees will elect not to ride to work unless their office has two things: secure bike parking and shower/locker facilities. Nobody wants to leave work only to find that his or her bike has been stolen during the day. Bike riders nearly always have effective bike locks, but they still need something to lock them to.

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