PTAC Energy Saver for Residential HVAC Energy Savings in Rhode Island


Posted on Tuesday 2nd August 2022
PTAC Energy Saver for Residential HVAC Energy Savings

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TIME TO ACT: Save 20% or more on HVAC. It’s important now more than ever for a sustainable future! 

Optimizing PTAC units with a “smart” device is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to achieve Residential HVAC Energy Savings. A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner is a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system commonly found in: Hotels, Motels, Senior Housing Facilities, Hospitals,  Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, and Add-on Rooms & Sunrooms.

Business owners and homeowners face increasing challenges with energy costs to save energy and money in Rhode Island.  PTAC Energy Saver offers an Adaptive Climate Controller (ACC). It is a proven HVAC energy saving device that quickly installs on PTAC units. There are many companies that claim to produce energy savings, but the ACC device is multi-panted and proven over many years. Plus, it has extensive validation tests by organizations such as:

  • ConEdison, Manhattan Plaza New York City
  • Environmental Test Laboratory, Ohio
  • EME Consulting Engineers (Third Party), Sponsored by NYSERDA, New York
  • State University of New York, Oneonta, NY
  • Tim Garrison (Third Party Testing)
  • McQuay Cooling Tests
  • Purdue University Tests (Phoenix)
  • ConEdison Tests by ERS

Typically, when an HVAC system turns off, shortly after, the blower fan motor turns off. The ACC reprograms the blower fan not to shut off but to throttle back the rpm airflow to an exceptionally low speed, quiescent level airflow or “idle speed”. This allows for a gentle but continuous air movement into the building that helps keep equilibrium of climate conditions in the occupied space and saved energy.

PTAC Energy Saver can help you navigate the complexity of HVAC energy saving choices: CONTACT PTAC Energy Saver

Here is an example of some Residential HVAC Energy Saving info for Rhode Island:


Continuing his #RIMomentum Tour, Governor Dan McKee, joined by Lt. Governor Sabina Matos and the Office of Energy Resources, announced today the High-efficiency Heat Pump Program. The program will provide financial incentives for highly efficient electric heat pumps to both residential and commercial customers. A public comment period for the HHPP is now open until August 31 

“I am proud to announce that Rhode Island residents and businesses will have access to heat pump rebates that will help improve our state’s energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Governor McKee. “Shifting our thermal sector to electric heat and away from fossil fuels is critical in our fight against climate change. Furthermore, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will help lower pollution-induced health impacts, especially for those living in communities with high asthma rates. Today’s announcement is another sign of our Administration’s commitment to making investments in our clean energy momentum here in Rhode Island. 

The adoption of electric heat will assist Rhode Island in the fight against climate change and to achieve the mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals outlined in the 2021 Act on Climate. The Act on Climate requires a 45 percent reduction in the State’s GHG emissions by 2030, leading to net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. Currently, the thermal sector – technology that converts power into heating or cooling – accounts for one-third of statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

The Governor allocated $25 million in the FY 2023 State Budget from the federal State Fiscal Recovery Fund, a component of the American Rescue Plan Act, to develop an incentive program for heat pumps. At least 40 percent of funds shall be used to provide incentives to disadvantaged communities, to conform with federal program guidelines 

“This is a deeply important program not only for fighting climate change, but as a matter of equity. This program will provide crucial relief for economically-disadvantaged Rhode Islanders and for seniors living on a fixed income,” said Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos. “It will also be a boon for nonprofits, especially shelters, across the state in staying warm this winter; every dollar saved on their heating is a resource they can put towards helping their clients.”

“This new High-efficiency Heat Pump Program offers an excellent opportunity to Rhode Islanders who have been looking for the right time to upgrade their aging oil and natural gas heating systems or air conditioners,” said Interim State Energy Commissioner Christopher Kearns. “This program modernizes and expands our original heat pump incentives to include a greater range of customers and technologies. We welcome public input as we finalize the program design and look forward to making it available in early 2023.”

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