Future Food Conference on Healthy Living and Macrobiotic Vegetarian Diet


Posted on Saturday 7th October 2023
Future Food vegetarian

Our GREENandSAVE Staff is pleased to help spread the word to our members and visitors about this Future Food Conference that is focusing on Healthy Living and Macrobiotic Vegetarian Diet.

On the sustainability front, the Agriculture Industrial Complex accounts for over 24% of greenhouse gas emissions. So, addressing the Future Food is more important now than ever for personal health and and planetary health to reduce climate change.

 2023 FUTURE FOOD RIGHT NOW Conference highlights and the discount code below:  

The event is virtual on Friday October 20th and live on Saturday October 21st at the recently renovated CYTO | PHL 15,000 sq ft location in Philadelphia’s Cira Centre. Healthy food grown locally without pesticides, preservatives and processing is more important now than ever. See the speaker roster of our world-class food experts: https://futurefoodrightnow.com/speakers + here is the link to the schedule and descriptions of over two dozen presentations: https://futurefoodrightnow.com/schedule

As a GREENandSAVE reader, we are pleased to let you know about a 50% discount on virtual and live admissions. Just use Coupon Code “FUTUREFOOD50”. Register here for virtual and live attendance: https://mgi.ticketspice.com/future-food-2023

We hope that you enjoy the conference!  

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