Someone Finally Found a Use for the Phone Book

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Saturday 30th May 2009

The Internet has made services like the physical Yellow Pages pretty useless, however, as a sign of the unwillingness of society to move away from traditions of the past, the fine folks at Yellow Pages insist on sending out the phone book just as often as they did when people actually used them. For those of you with a growing stack of phone books and nothing to do with them, here are some fun suggestions for taking advantage of, what seems to be, limitless amounts of paper.

  1. First things first, you could simply opt out of the subscription by going to and register to be taken off the subscription lists for both the Yellow and White Pages.
  2. Recycle those hulking behemoths! Only 10% of all phone books are recycled.
  3. By covering them in fabric, you could make a booster seat for the dinner table.
  4. The same process applies if you want to create simple and easy step-aerobics workouts.
  5. If you spend time in the outdoors, the Yellow pages, individually of course, could serve as good fire starters for the grill or the bonfire.
  6. If you shred them a few at a time, the phone book could serve as a good mulch for the garden, blocking unwanted weeds.
  7. If you felt like it, with just one phone book you could become an Origami expert.
  8. Instead of Styrofoam packing peanuts or some other product, you can use balled up pieces of the phone book to pad your package.
  9. Finally, you can sign a petition to the Yellow Pages Association, asking them to switch to an on-demand system of distribution in which you only receive the Yellow Pages if you request it.

By taking the time to consider how you can reuse the phone book, as well as the other superfluous items in our live, we can all benefit from the increased sustainability.

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