Transition Pennsylvania - Gettin' on the Good Foot and Staying There

Scott Mastro - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 1st June 2009

If you’re new to the burgeoning US Green Movement now that the ‘fear and terrorist’-propaganda people have lurched back to private practice, visit Transition Pennsylvania , an online community network reinforcing the belief we can save the planet from savagery, crawl through this most tiny window of opportunity, and have an earth to live, work, and play on a little while longer.

The Transition Network, was co-founded in the UK by Rob Hopkins, based on and adapted from his model, Transition Town Totnes. As explained at and exemplified throughout the Transition Movement, transition initiatives guide these social networks spreading around the globe in the form of cooperative efforts specific to the needs and resources of each locale, united by the common needs of every human being. Transition Pennsylvania is fairly new, so expect to see subsets such as Transition Philadelphia, Transition Pittsburgh, and maybe even Transition Punxsutawney very soon. You might get one going, and if you do, you’ll benefit from the pioneers that have come before, leading the way to healthier, more sustainable and self-esteeming lifestyles and choices that can nin turn be passed on to those who come along after. From grass-roots government effecting local and national legislation to how to grow the best snow peas or your chickens to lay more eggs, Transition Pennsylvania puts sanity back into societies consumed by the myth of over-consumption equaling progress when in reality its leading to depletion of natural and human resources and hurling us to self-inflicted demise and destruction.

Beyond the reach of lobbyists and corporations leading banks, mortgage and investment brokers, Congress, and credit card, energy, telecom and car companies into deficiit/bankruptcy-bailout bliss, people can sift through all that cosmic debris and come out with the nuts and bolts of what it takes to get and keep control of a sane and sustaining world. At Transition Pennsylvania, you can ask an insightful question and get an intelligent answer, no bull.

Transition’s basic tenet is a universal message, living in a way that’s one-hundred percent good for us and good for the planet:, e.g. getting a neutral or negative carbon footprint before we all go the way of the dinosaur.

Transition Pennsylvania was set up by Les Squires, a Colorado resident, and it's that kind of leading and pitching in that's going to get the people who want to be on the right track there in time to keep this little choo-choo train of a chugging planet properly steamed and rolling down the track..

Les puts Transition Pennsylvania's lead question like this: “For all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how are we going to (1) drastically reduce carbon emissions in response to climate change, (2) significantly rebuild resilience in response to peak oil, and (3) greatly strengthen our local economy in response to economic instability?

If it's time to get your bean pods in a row, Transition Pennsylvania. Spread the good news.

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