Kashi: 7 Whole Grains on a Mission!

Victoria Marinucci - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 1st June 2009
Pre-packaged and pre-made food products are a staple in many American households. They are convenient, quick and tasty, but, often times hardly wholesome. Therefore, as American society has become more health conscious, many food brands attempt to make their products ‘healthier.’ Whether it is frozen entrées, snacks, cereal or other edibles, there are countless brands promising their products are whole grain, less calories or no trans-fat. At one time such these promises were enough to convince consumers they were making healthy purchases. Yet, many people are realizing how much processed dribble and preservatives are still pumped into their ‘healthy’ frozen dinners or granola snacks and cereals. But, amid the processed junk and empty, nutritional claims, Kashi is producing honestly wholesome and tasty packaged products! The company works to create fulfilling recipes without the worry of artificial additives, preservatives and highly refined sugars. Currently Kashi creates a growing range of food items such as cereal, snacks, frozen entrées and breakfast products. Both on their packaging and at Kashi’s website (http://www.kashi.com) the benefits and ingredients of their food are clearly presented. Also, Kashi’s products, particularly the frozen meals, are nutritious, and taste so fresh that when prepared it as if they were never frozen. Another delicious point about their frozen entrées is how original the recipes are. For example, the entrée Sweet and Sour Chicken is fairly common among frozen meals. However, after heating the meal up, the result is usually gooey, breaded chicken in an obnoxiously sweet sauce with a mix of white rice and chewy veggies. On the other hand, Kashi’s frozen Sweet and Sour Chicken entrée is quite exceptional and far from tasting like a heated TV dinner. The chicken in Kashi’s Sweet and Sour Chicken tastes as if it was just grilled. The chicken lays upon a bed of vegetables ranging from tender mushrooms and pilaf to crunchy peppers, and edamame. The sauce is sweet with a pleasantly spicy twist. Basically, this meal as well as the thirteen other frozen entrées by Kashi, are eccentrically delicious and wholesome making them quite superior to your typical frozen dinner. Another popular line in Kashi is its whole grain cereals. The cereals have a distinctively natural flavor, with a subtle sweetness, as opposed to typical, heavily sweetened cereals. Kashi states that it is “7 whole grains on a mission,” and they undoubtedly work to maintain this. Kashi, thus far, has lived up to its intention of producing natural, minimally processed foods as well as plenty nutritious variety. Whether it is Kashi’s healthiness, uniquely appetizing recipes, or both, Kashi is developing a bright reputation in the world of natural foods.

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