The Black Eyed Peas Go Green for Their Hot New Album

Ed Allen Jr. - Contributing Writer
Posted on Friday 12th June 2009
The Black Eyed Peas are back and better then ever with a new album called The E.N.D. The album cover features a 3D generated image in green. This image is a digital composition of all four members in one. The group is very active in the green movement, and wants to educate as well as entertain people with their music. Black Eyed Peas member has even teamed up with Al Gore on issues concerning the environment. Together, they have released various types of online content about the importance of going green. This is the fifth studio album for this is new age pop group. Their last album Monkey Business impressively sold over 4 million copies. The E.N.D is a high energy album loaded with dance tracks and futuristic beats. Ever since the mega success of the group’s last album Monkey Business, they have steadily solidified their position in the pop music scene. The album is sure to be a nice reprieve for all the fans that have waited for new material. The fans love the dynamic energy of the Black Eyed Peas. They are not a group that confirms, they push the envelope, they sing about social and environmental issues. The group wanted the new album to have a totally different vibe to it. The inspiration from the E.N.D came from partying and staying close to the music scene. With two of the member’s successful solo projects and rising fame; it was questionable whether the group would even get back together or not. gained huge success for his rap lyrics and political advocacy. Fergie gained notoriety for her acting and solo album. Fergie's album the Dutchess gained critical success and released 5 top singles. With all the members now focused on the promotion of the E.N.D, it is sure to be as successful as the last album. The first single “Boom Boom Pow” is fast and catchy. The video features a green looking Fergie singing in the mist of bright visual images. Their second single "I Gotta Feelin” has already started to gain some major buzz. The video features the group partying among green props and flashing neon lights. With the launch of two hot new singles, Black Eyed Peas seem likely to be on a fast ride back to the number one charts. The Energy Never Dies and apparently neither will the Black Eyed Peas.

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