Update: Zero Emissions Race

Nakita Johnson, GREENandSAVE
Posted on Monday 1st November 2010
We first posted about the Zero Emissions Race back in August when the race was just beginning in Europe. The race is just about halfway through and things are going well for most of the teams (unfortunately Team Powerplaza of South Korea had to drop out due to technical difficulties in Berlin).

The race arrived in Shanghai, China right on schedule after traveling for 46 days and crossing 10,428.47 miles (16,783 km). After arriving in Shanghai the remaining electric vehicles, support bus, and trailer were loaded into a shipping container and shipped across the Pacific Ocean in preparation for the leg of the race that will take place through the Americas.

The race resumes on November 14th, in Vancouver, Canada. The vehicles will travel through North America making stops in Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA and San Antonio, TX before heading down to the World Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Check out the race route map and show your support when the Zero Emissions Race passes through a city near you.

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