TheNakedHippie Defines Eco-Tees This Holiday Season

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Posted on Tuesday 24th November 2009

The Naked Hippie has emerged with a brand new concept in apparel called The Eco-Tee. The Eco-Tee is defined as being good for the producers, good for the earth, and good for the end consumer.

How is it good for the producers?

The Naked Hippie’s Eco-Tee is always made with 100% organic cotton – without exception. That means the cotton is harvested without harmful chemicals and pesticides, and instead relies on the use of natural fertilizers and bug repellents that are harmless to those working around them. The workers are also paid fair wages and work reasonable hours.

How is it good for the earth?

Since there are no harmful chemicals being used, that means the soil underneath the crops is left untainted by toxic substances and can stay healthier longer. Nothing toxic gets cycled back into the air, which means there’s no contribution to pollution or to ozone depletion.

How is it good for the end consumer?

The end consumer can feel good about getting a good quality t-shirt with a great, unique design. The icing on the cake is that the shirt reduces our footprint on the earth as well.

Adrien and Erin started The Naked Hippie with two things in mind: one being the welfare of the environment, and the other their passion for life and travel. Since the company’s beginnings, the founders’ goal is to have the smallest impact on the earth while still creating meaningful designs that people enjoy. It’s of the utmost importance that the cotton used for t-shirts is grown organically, and the printing process is a green one.

TheNakedHippie has been their passion for almost two years and the brand is now ready to go public, with all tees available in their online store for $29 each. To request high-resolution images of TheNakedHippie Eco-Tee line contact Erin at Visit

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