Stocking Stuffer: Eco-Friendly Grilling Solution

GREENandSAVE Community
Posted on Tuesday 24th November 2009

The newest breakthrough in the world of grilling, the FlameDisk is a solid ethanol grill fuel that offers convenient, safe and eco-friendly grilling with true, flame-grilled taste. Whether you’ve never grilled in your life or you’re a pro looking to grill on the go, anyone can use the FlameDisk in minutes. Leave the lighter fluid, matches and charcoal at home.

Packaged in a small, easily transported package, the FlameDisk weighs about a pound and is ready for grilling in seconds. Made from recyclable materials, the FlameDisk features clean-burning renewable bio-fuel, with no petroleum or fossil fuel components. The FlameDisk reduces the risk of spills or leaks and eliminates the use of lighter fluid. Additionally, the FlameDisk produces 90 percent fewer pollutants, making it exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The FlameDisk works in any grill. Just peel the lid off, light with one of the enclosed matches and you are ready to grill. The FlameDisk burns for about forty minutes. One great feature is that it cools off quickly for easy disposal in a matter of minutes with no soot, ash or lingering hot coals. Provides plenty of cooking time for at least two rounds of most foods. Cooks at about the same rate as charcoal and delivers a great grilled flavor – taste test proven. FlameDisk is available at retailers nationwide or by visiting and retails for $3.99 - $4.99.

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