Solar Power in Indiana

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Posted on Monday 11th July 2022
Solar power in Indiana

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The Energy Intelligence Center (EIC) has a strategic partnership with Jordan Energy which is a top solar solutions provider. This article includes some highlights as well as Solar power news in Indiana. EIC’s initial founder, Charlie Szoradi, has a long-standing relationship with Jordan Energy’s founder, Bill Jordan. Charlie engaged Bill and his team for the solar system on Charlie’s beach house in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Charlie also recently introduced Jordan Energy to one of EIC’s largest clients for major industrial rooftop systems in Pennsylvania and Texas. Click to learn more about Sustainability_Charlie on Instagram. For his Youtube channel click here: Learn from Looking.

In our consulting and system design capacity, we focus on solutions and specifications that are agnostic to specific technology providers. We undertake rigorous due diligence to determine the performance of clean technologies across the dynamic sustainability marketplace. To learn more about solar power and other clean tech partnerships,  Contact Energy Intelligence team. 

Here is an example of some Solar Power News in Indiana:

Solar power is about to become a lot more expensive for Hoosiers as net metering expires

For the first time in a long time, the future of rooftop solar in Indiana is now more uncertain than ever. 

Solar power is about to become much more expensive for Hoosiers as a state policy meant to help boost the renewable energy in the state expires on July 1. Once that deadline passes, Indiana utility customers will no longer be allowed to participate in what is called net metering when they install solar panels on their roofs. 

Without that policy, consumer advocates worry what this will mean for the future of solar and residents’ ability to access it.

“If I could use one word, I would say 'uncertain',” said Kerwin Olson, executive director of consumer advocacy group Citizens Action Coalition. 

“I don’t think it’s accurate to say it’s the end of the road, solar will still be going up,” he continued. “But what this will do is put solar out of reach for so many that don’t have the financial resources — just furthering the divide in my view.” 

What is 'net metering' and how does it help Hoosiers?

Net metering is a mechanism that was meant to help incentivize homeowners to install solar by making the investment more economical. In essence, it credits homeowners for excess energy they generate and send back onto the grid. 

This reduces their overall electricity bill at the end of each month and lessens the burden of cost of installation over the long-term. But in Indiana, it’s phasing out. 

In 2017, the Indiana legislature passed a bill phasing out the program over several years: Senate Enrolled Act 309. Anyone who installed solar by the end of that year were grandfathered in to the full net-metering credit for 30 years, or until 2047. Those who installed solar panels after that will receive the credit until 2032. 

Those utility customers are credited at the retail rate — or the same rate they pay for electricity. That makes it an even 1:1 swap. 

But for anyone who installs solar energy after June 30 this year, they will no longer be eligible for the retail credit for their solar energy. 

As the deadline has approached, there has been a lot of interest from homeowners, said Zach Schalk, the Indiana Program Director of Solar United Neighbors, which helps Hoosiers go solar. It’s also been challenging, he added: Every utility has set different requirements for what Hoosiers must do by July 1 in order to qualify.  

“We’ve been trying to bang the drum of the countdown for potential solar customers,” Schalk said. “But as it comes closer and closer, it’s become more and more difficult.” 


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