Sneaker Time

John Baxter

Posted on Saturday 30th May 2020
john baxter




My name is John and I am passionately interested in the Future.  There is a saying "I'm so very fascinated by the Future; I plan to spend the rest of my life there".  Humorous perhaps, but true.  We will all spend the rest of our lives in the future.  So it's a good idea to ponder the future that we, our children, and our grandchildren will inhabit.

Lately, been reading Charlie Szoradi's fascinating book Learn from Looking.  This life-changing book does strange and wonderful things to your mind, and calls upon the reader to truly observe and think, rather than just to watch life go by.  Watching is like vegging out in front of the TV and being lulled into some mindless trance.  Looking (observing) is far more active and engaging.  The book also speaks of Sneaker Time, and as a result of savoring it, I have started walking again.  I've already lost some weight, perhaps about 10% of my goal for health and fitness.  I take my walks in the morning.

Put on headphones (I am EXTREMELY careful about traffic!!) and start an app MapMyWalk on my trusty iPhone.  Start some lively music, or sometimes walk in silence and notice the birds.  Take along a face mask out of respect to other walkers or if I need to visit a store.  And I'm free again!  I'm looking at the world with a childlike fascination.  I'm Looking to Learn...

I notice, truly notice, things I'd never see whizzing by in a car.  Lovely homes, fascinating design elements, trees on the South side of a home to act as shade in the summer but let in light and warmth when the leaves are gone in the winter.  Beautiful cars, with aerodynamic designs ("if she looks good, she flies good").  New construction at our local high school campus, with rooftop HVAC units being installed (wonder how efficient they are these days?)

Wander into a local Bird or Wildlife Sanctuary - there is no rule to stop me - I am welcome!  Looking to Learn where it might be good to set up for amateur astronomy.  Where to go, who to ask for permission (if it is actually required).  Enjoying how some homes blend so beautifully into Nature.  Maybe the ultimate faraway example if this is Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.  Come to think of it, a synagogue designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is actually within walking distance of my home!  Mental note to visit someday soon.

After only a couple weeks of morning Sneaker Time, I am losing weight, however slowly I do see progress.  I feel fantastic.  I come back with a relaxed, clear mind and feel far younger than my years.  Ready to study web design, PLC programming, glider aviation, or technical manuals for our classic car.

Maybe it is a blessing that the COVID19 crisis has closed the gyms.  Sneaker Time is so very refreshing and renewing!

Stay safe, keep learning from looking...


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