Purge Virus Helps Hotels Disinfect Indoor Air


Posted on Thursday 10th December 2020
Air Disinfection Covid-19

"When the coronavirus first hit, hotels quickly adopted enhanced cleaning polices, including germ-killing electrostatic spraying and ultraviolet light exposure in guest rooms and public areas.

But as research on virus spread has shifted focus from surface contact to airborne transmission, some hotels and cruise ships are scrubbing the very air travelers breathe with a variety of air filtration and treatment systems." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/03/travel/air-filtration-hotels-cruises.html?auth=login-google

The Green and Save Staff's research concurs that the path for the hospitality industry to reopen safely and successfully is through clean air disinfection. Beyond widely known technologies such as UV lighting to kill pathogens, Bipolar Ionization has become an increasingly popular method to disinfect the air. "Air cleaning technologies include bipolar ionization systems, which, according to their manufacturers, send charged ions out on air currents that damage the surface of the virus and inactivate it. They may also bind with the virus aerosols, causing them to fall or be more easily filtered out."

Clean air companies such as Purge Virus offer Bipolar Ionization technologies geared for hospitality and healthcare facilities. The Bipolar Ionization PTAC strip is the most cost-effective and proven tool to kill 99.4% of all pathogens in the air. It is the most cost-effective option to ensure clean air for motels, hotels, senior housing, assisted living, and other facilities with PTAC units in each room. https://purgevirus.com/ptac-disinfection/

"Our Bipolar Ionization solutions have been well received, because in addition to helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the PTAC Disinfection also remove odors from sources such as tobacco and cannabis,"- Purge Virus. 

For more information on Bipolar Ionization PTAC strips that contain the spread of Covid-19, visit Purge Virus's website: https://purgevirus.com/ptac-disinfection/

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