PTAC Disinfection for COVID-19 in Minnesota


Posted on Friday 15th January 2021
PTAC Disinfection for COVID-19 in Minnesota


PTAC Units: A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner is a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system commonly found in: Hotels – Motels – Senior Housing Facilities – Hospitals – Condominiums – Apartment Buildings – Add-on Rooms & Sunrooms.

Business owners and homeowners face increasing challenges with COVID-19 to adequately disinfect rooms and promote safety in Minnesota

We are pleased to provide the information below from Purge Virus regarding their offerings for PTAC Disinfection.

The Purge Virus team provides multiple solutions that include UV light, Photoplasma, and Bipolar Ionization. The Bipolar Ionization solutions have been well received, because in addition to helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they also remove odors from sources such as tobacco and cannabis.


For Purge Virus to match the available technology to your in-room HVAC systems, you can let them know the manufacturer’s name and model # of your PTAC Units. From there Purge Virus will provide you with a free assessment of the most applicable solution. The average cost of equipment and installation per room is coming in at $550-$650. Purge Virus also offers zero upfront cost financing over 3-5 years. The monthly cost can be as low as $10 per month per room.

Learn more about Bipolar Ionization here: Bipolar Ionization

For some business owners and homeowners, portable devices may make the most sense for small lobbies or in certain rooms. Learn more about Potable Disinfection Devices here: Portable Devices

Purge Virus can help you navigate the complexity of disinfection choices: CONTACT PURGE VIRUS

NEWS on COVID-19 in Minnesota: As Minnesota awaits its shipments, attention turns to COVID-19 vaccine safety

“Medical experts are wrestling with questions about who should get the COVID-19 vaccine shots as well as the treatment's long-term effects as Minnesota health care centers prepare to receive vaccine vials next week.

Children, pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed will not be vaccinated in the initial waves because safety and efficacy studies are not yet complete.

In Minnesota, everyone who gets the two-dose vaccine will be given a card that will prove that they are inoculated, but researchers still don't know how long immunity protection will last.

Clinical trials on the two vaccines that are expected to get federal emergency approval this month have demonstrated safety and 95% effectiveness in the short-term.

But some of the 40,000 participants in the trial for the Pfizer version of the vaccine, for example, might have gotten an infection that was not apparent.

‘The end point was symptomatic disease,’ said Dr. Melanie Swift, an occupational medicine physician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. ‘They did not take these 40,000 people and test them to see if they had asymptomatic disease.’

That could mean that even though some people have gotten the shot, they still might be asymptomatic spreaders of the new coronavirus.

Many questions will eventually be answered as both vaccines, as well as others, are slated for follow-up studies for another two years.”

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