Optilumen LED Stip Kits are great alternative to LED tubes and LED panels


Posted on Thursday 3rd September 2020
LED strip kits

As a follow up to the article on Optilumen and the American LED Alliance (https://greenandsave.com/green_news/green-science-and-technology/optilumen-leads-energy-savings-cost-effective-led-lighting), the following information addresses cost relative to installation labor and disposal.

One of the most important advantage of the Optilumen Strip Kits for troffer retrofits is the speed of installation with the reduced labor and disposal costs. Optilumen’s LED strips and the drivers have magnet backings, which makes them faster and easier to install than typical LED tube replacements for fluorescent tubes. Some business owners and managers have looked into replacing either 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ fluorescent tube troffer fixtures with new LED fixtures such as flat panels. The economic challenge with the fixture replacement path is that the installer needs to remove and dispose of the existing troffer housing. This removal takes added time and also has the added cost of transporting and disposing the old troffers. In most cases, the metal troffer is intact and functioning, so it is counter to the overall principle of sustainability and business practice to dispose something that is functioning.

With the Optilumen strip kit solution, installers DO NOT have to remove the fixture housing, because the strips “REUSE” the existing metal, which is magnetic to allow the strips and drivers to easily adhere to the underside of the fixture. Time is another key factor in the economics of LED retrofits. With Optilumen’s LEd Srip Kits, the time to retrofit for each troffer is often the number of minutes that you can count on one hand.

Optilumen offers a comprehensive line of Strip Kits at different lengths, light output levels, and color temperatures to meet the needs of customers. For the Premium RKT Series, see LED Strip Kits and for the Economy RKS Series see Economy LED Strip Kits.

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