Led lighting plus HVAC optimization for energy saving

Luke Jorgensen 

Posted on Wednesday 12th August 2020
HVAC optimization



What is Independence LED Lighting? Vaguely, Independence LED Lighting is an eco-friendly company, that places its' main focus on commercial lighting solutions. Though, in order to gain better insight on the goals and the overall operation and function of this company, I had the great opportunity and pleasure of  talking with Chairman and CEO, Charles Szoradi. This article includes key points and information that was discussed during our conversation, as well as information from the 'About Us' page on the website, to provide readers with a clear understanding of what this company is about.

Before talking with Charles Szoradi, I didn't understand the magnitude on how much energy is being used and wasted just through technology alone. And because of this, Charles explained that his mission, was to not only decrease the waste, but rather to conserve and increase energy savings, using LED lighting and HVAC optimization, an area that my fellow colleague, Robert Bruno has posted about. Focusing on Independence LED lighting specifically, I learned that this technology benefits the customer as well as the ecosystem in not one, but multiple ways. Independence LED Lighting saves a minimum of 50% on energy when compared to traditional lighting and lasts an increasingly longer time, five times longer. Other key points to add that are found on the "About Us" page, is that it enables dimming, for smart control, has the ability to sense occupancy, harvests natural light, and importantly, is toxic free. In addition, the products are made and manufactured right here in the USA. 



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