LED light clearance sale


Posted on Thursday 27th September 2018
led light clearance sale

LED Lighting Clearance Sale - A Great Way for YOU to Save Money and the Planet!

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has come down in price dramatically over the past few years as the efficiency has increased. Note to LED suppliers or manufacturers: If you or your company would like us to inform our viewers and members about LED bulbs and fixtures that you are selling at clearance sale levels, just let us know: Contact Us

Here is the link to an LED light clearance sale, and some of the bulbs and fixtures may work well for you:

Easy Lighting Upgrades: LED Light Clearance Sale

Highlights on the LED provider:

Easy Lighting Upgrades, LLC is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective lighting, sensors, smart controls, and Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring systems to commercial and institutional property owners and managers. Over the past decade, our team has executed on successful lighting upgrades across almost every type of property. Offices, Corporate Campus, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Multi-family Apartment Building, Big Box and Independent Retail Stores, Schools, Auto Dealerships and Service Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Parking Garages, Structures, and Lots + many more…

Highlights on some of the LED light clearance sale products available online:

LED Panel Light 4 PACK 36 Watt 3500K (Driver Included) Dimmable. UL/DLC

LED PAR38 17Watt DIM 930FL40

LED Recessed Can 6" 120-277V Non-Dimmable 3000K

LED MR16 - 7Watt - 2700K - G4-DIM/827FL36

LED-9 Watt - A19 - 3000K -60 Watt Equal - Bulb

LED Lightbar - 2.9 Watt - MAXLITE - 6LB27 - 6 Inch 146 Lumens - 80CRI - 2700K

+ More


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