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Posted on Sunday 5th March 2017

As an increasing number of Americans and people around the world look for cost-effective solutions for sustainability in their lives and businesses, GREENandSAVE is pleased to introduce our members and site visitors to new books that have actionable intelligence.

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Book Profile


Sub-Title: How Observation Inspires Innovation

Author: Charlie Szoradi

Online: www.LEARNfromLOOKING.com

Release: April 2017

Social Media: As a lead up to the book’s release in April, the author, Charlie Szoradi, has started posting drawings and excepts online via social media. You can follow Mr. Szoradi via @CSzoradi on Twitter and CSzoradi on Instagram plus #LearnfromLooking and Charlie Szoradi on LinkedIn.

Publisher Awards: Editor's Choice and Rising Star

Author Bio highlights:  Charlie Szoradi is an architect, inventor, and the CEO of Independence LED Lighting. He is passionate about cost-effective sustainability and is a sought after speaker. As an entrepreneur, Charlie has pioneered groundbreaking new energy intelligent products and services. He graduated from the University of Virginia and earned his master’s from the University of Pennsylvania. Charlie has authored numerous articles, op-eds and the biography of Leon Battista Alberti for the Encyclopedia of Architecture. He lives with his family in a solar home that he designed outside of Philadelphia.

Book highlights: While other authors have written about sustainability, energy consumption, and the human impact on our ecosystem, this book provides new ideas for practical and actionable intelligence.

Learn from Looking goes beyond looking for a way to support a belief and focuses on first-hand learning that has come from looking at solutions in the field. This book informs and also serves as a catalyst to inspire others to document and share their insights.

The travel drawings in this collection reflect a twenty year journey to different places around the world. The exploration was not scheduled or linear, and the circuitous path led to innovations that range from building an eco-smart home to launching a  U.S. manufacturer of energy-saving LED lights. Charlie Szoradi has an underlying curiosity to look closer at how things work with an eye on shaping cost-effective sustainability.

The two decade combination of drawings and observations sheds new light on critical thinking for young and old minds, high Return on Investment (ROI) for business opportunities, and a springboard for groundbreaking future innovations. Collectively, the drawings and observations lead to a sustainable triple bottom line that supports people, the planet, and profit.

Book back cover messages:

See the world around you with fresh perspective.

Learn about critical thinking and how to reach a sustainable future more cost-effectively than you ever imagined.

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