KN95 Masks donated to Police Department


Posted on Sunday 12th April 2020

KN95 Masks donated to Police Department

Our GREENandSAVE Staff understands the value of giving.  Pravi and Jay Thakkar have set a great example in Memphis, Tennessee. If you or your company has a donation initiative that you would like us to share with our readers, Contact Us and we will review and publish the information accordingly.

Recent article (highlights) on April 11, 2020:

Brothers donate KN95 masks to Memphis Police Department

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department now has 2,500 new KN95 masks thanks to a donation from two brothers.

"We decided to donate to MPD because we knew they were having the most difficult time in getting them," Pravi Thakkar said.

Thakkar says his little brother Jay is the one who came up with the idea to donate the masks.

He started thinking about this donation back in January and worked with friends in Japan to get the orders in.

They reached out to MPD to see how many masks they would need.

"We gave 2500 as an initial donation to MPD. They indicated they had 2450 people on staff," Jay Thakkar said.

After making this massive donation, the brothers say they are working to get masks and other personal protective equipment for other local companies that are considered essential.

"We did something for the community, we might see other businesses do the same," Pravi said. "Especially our peers and other people with resources to use their own supply or whatever it takes."


For Police Departments and First Responders, KN95 Masks are now available through Purge Virus ( which offers HVAC sterilization for improved air quality and KN95 Masks.  For pricing comparison, the Purge Virus KN95 Masks are $2.50 for the four ply and $2.75 for the six ply protection.  These low factory-direct wholesale prices may be just what is needed to help those on the front lines fight COVID-19, especially since Purge Virus accepts smaller orders than tens of thousands.

Purge Virus provides another example of “giving” in these stressful and life-threatening times:

“FOR EVERY Box of KN95 Masks purchased, Purge Virus is donating a KN95 Mask to the service men and women that are on the front lines of the war against COVID-19. Given our prior work with the USNS Comfort, it is a natural starting point. We will also expand the donations to First Responders, starting in Philadelphia, which is where we work and it is one of the cities at risk of becoming a virus hot spot. The less money that the government has to spend on masks, the more that it may have to help with economic recovery.”  Source:

See the prior profile on Purge Virus:

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