KN95 Masks via Crowd Funding


Posted on Sunday 12th April 2020
KN95 mask

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Recent article (highlights) on April 6, 2020:

Tech Worker Crowdfunds, Buys Thousands Of KN95 Masks From China For CA Hospitals

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The COVID-19 coronavirus-induced scramble to obtain face masks hit home for Bay Area tech entrepreneur Mark Linsey when his father, a Southern California physician, told Mark he was facing a shortage.

After speaking with many people in the medical community, Linsey found that physicians, nurses and some hospitals would gladly use the KN95s in view of the current supply shortage.

There was one problem, however; the suppliers in China would only allow orders of masks in the tens of thousands — not just a few hundred.

With a base price of $2.95 per unit, Linsey needed tens of thousands of dollars to place his first order — money he didn’t readily have.

So to secure enough for a bulk order, Linsey launched a GoFundMe page and began soliciting his social network. Through the crowdfunding platform and other funding sources, Linsey succeeded in raising $130,000 and so far has purchased 60,000 masks.

Beyond the article:

KN95 Masks are now available through Purge Virus ( which offers HVAC sterilization for improved air quality and KN95 Masks.  For pricing comparison, the Purge Virus KN95 Masks are $2.50 for the four ply and $2.75 for the six ply protection.  This may serve as an advantage for people like Mark Linsey that seek to help out in their communities, especially since Purge Virus accepts smaller orders than tens of thousands. See the prior profile on Purge Virus:

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